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Easter Fondant Cookies

I was asked to make these cookies for my son’s Easter party at school.  It took me 5 hours to make 32 cookies but it was quite fun to decorate them.  199 more words


Butter Frosting Recipe

Here’s and easy, simple frosting recipe with a butter base.  It can be used on cookies or cupcakes…. over even spread on graham crackers for a fun afternoon snack :)

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Sunday Fun Day

Made a run to Joann’s for a couple yards of muslin, a flower cookie cutter and some pink fabric. I stopped at Starbucks on the way home…for a Trenta Orange Spiced Iced Coffee. 123 more words


Nutella Swirl Sugar Cookies

Most of my cookies are created by accident. I wish I could say that I spend days and days thinking about combinations and recipes formulas… but, I’m not that smart. 927 more words


Baseball & Baking

Just a quick post today to celebrate America’s favorite pastime and my favorite pastime:  Baseball and Baking.  Chloee and I used our leftover sugar cookie mix to make Wyatt surprise baseball cookies for after school!   202 more words


Mini Mugs

These mini mugs are handcrafted from the shaving of the wax to the handwritten labels!

* Each mug is roughly 5oz of general all purpose candle wax. 11 more words

Pastry Wax Melts

Each set comes with 4 wax melts. Wax melts are heated in a wax warmer to release the sweet smell of treats throughout your home! 11 more words