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Lighter bars of goodness..

A friend of mine recently tried out my original no bake goodness bars recipe and decided to try adding some rice crispies to lighten up the bar. 86 more words


Hot Cross Buns (gluten free, dairy free, sugar free)

Happy Easter everyone! What are family gatherings without traditions? When you have food intolerances – especially gluten intolerance – it can be hard to enjoy all the family traditions. 451 more words

Gluten Free

Why I don't eat sugar...

As lots of you already know, I don’t eat sweet things; that doesn’t mean that I don’t make them, I do, I just don’t eat them. 845 more words


Sweet & Spicy Chicken

While those of us who are celebrating Passover are limited of what we can eat doesn’t mean our menu only consists of potatoes, hard boiled eggs, and chicken soup with matzo balls. 468 more words

Gluten Free

Russian Sweet Potato Salad

Beets are commonly associated with Russian cuisine and this Russian sweet potato salad happens to have some beets in it. If you are just starting to become accustomed to eating beets like I am, this Russian sweet potato salad recipe is a great starting point. 416 more words


Carrot, Apple and Date Muffins

At family functions I am often faced with an overwhelming variety of refined-sugar-only treats, and indulging in them creates the prospect of a broken sleeping pattern for my child who I am still nursing. 322 more words


Date, Cacoa and Coconut Milk Smoothie/ Dessert

Mini coconut milk cans are cute, but really not worth the price, so I end up buying standard can sizes instead. This doesn’t solve any problem since cooking for two means not knowing what to do with half a can’s worth of leftover coconut mik. 332 more words