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Hot Cross Buns.

Here is a lovely recipe this Easter for Hot Cross Buns! For some reason, store-bought buns have never agreed with my stomach. I have always wound up feeling sore, bloated and uncomfortable. 350 more words

Vegan Dark Chocolate Salted Fudge! (no sugar)

Okay, you guys. Get ready for the tastiest, most spectacular fudge you’ve ever tasted. Added bonus, there is no sugar, only dates. Added second bonus: there are only five ingredients. 155 more words


My Daily Ritual: Warm Lemon Water "Super Tea"

Hello everyone! It’s been a little while — I’m busy with some exciting things for this blog (coming soon!) but today I wanted to share a personal recipe of mine that I enjoy daily. 364 more words

Dairy Free

Fish Meatballs

This is one of the boldest thoughts I have had lately. Why not fish meatballs? We make fish patties, crab cakes etc. , so why not meatballs. 134 more words


Sugar & Fat Free Cinnamon Raisin Applesauce Cake

Welcome to Canada, where it snows three weeks after the start of Spring. As if I’m surprised..I really shouldn’t be. Anyways, I wanted to post something that could work well anytime of the year; whether it’s winter (what it feels like..) or spring (what it should be..). 288 more words

Sugar Free Adventure Update

When I first brought up the idea of this little experiment to my fiance his reaction was priceless. I told him about the article I read and some of the research I had done and he said ‘Damn it internet’. 418 more words

What's Happening In My Head

Salted Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries {vegan + sugar free!}

I love sweets, but sometimes I just don’t have the willpower to commit to a whole day of baking. It has been BEAUTIFUL AND SUNNY in Seattle the last few days and I have been itching to make a simple, tasty, fruit-based dessert to share. 318 more words