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Zucci-nana Carrot-nut Muffins (no sugar recipe)

Busy mornings the kids need a healthy non-processed-sugar based snack before they get a later daycare breakfast so I have worked out this recipe to be: loaded with veges, have no sugar and have a few nuts and seeds! 103 more words

Breads, Scones And Muffins

Super Simple Lime Cheesecake

If you’re not a raw enthusiast then making a raw cheesecake may be the last thing on your mind. I can remember a time when just the idea of this would’ve prompted some sarcastic comment from me (like the ones my husband now gives me when I offer him one of my raw creations!). 536 more words


It Might Be Simple, But It's Sure Not Easy

Losing weight is not hard to do–on paper. All you have to do is eat less calories than you burn. Eating fewer calories is easy, all you have to do is stop eating sugar, but you have to eat something. 959 more words


Cashew and coconut butter

I don’t really like the insanity around christmas – the idea that you have to buy a ton of presents just because “you have to” seems a bit silly. 694 more words


Cranberry Orange Christmas Cookies

I’ve been on a cookie bake-a-thon lately and I’ve made more cookies in the last couple of weeks than I have all year, and for a very good and very obvious reason. 556 more words


Healthy Spiced "Sugar" Cookies

So I completely failed at the weekly blogging thing, but I have managed to whip up a few recipes that are currently crowding up my phone and are waiting to be shared! 947 more words


Peppermint Snowdrift Truffles


Peppermint Snowdrift Truffles

(Low Carb, Gluten-free)

I am so excited to share this recipe for you for your Christmas baking!!  Several years back, I got a wonderful recipe for Peppermint Fudge from my good friend Jamie and have been making it almost every Christmas for the past 10 years or so.  1,276 more words