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Sugar Glider Possessiveness

Based on the title of this blog post, you would think I’m talking about sugar bears being possessive, but I’m not. I’m referring to the… 360 more words

Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider Baroo

Er, don’t really see a Baroo here, do you? Heather S. says: “Hello, this is my friend Wendy’s baby sugar glider Charlie, he is 8 weeks old and is soooo adorable! 25 more words

Introducing Eris

The same day we brought Boomer home is the same day I put a deposit down on a tiny, white, female joey. My leucistic, also known as a leu. 530 more words

Sugar Glider

Introducing...Zip. No. Sig. Wait. Zeus. Um...

After driving almost two hours, we finally arrived at our destination. The new little guy was eight weeks out of pouch (aka Glider Birthday) and a standard gray like Zoe. 456 more words

Sugar Glider

A Friend for Life

Sugar gliders are colony animals. Everything I read, including about sugar gliders in the wild, told me they needed to be in a colony of two or more, because they’re incredibly social animals. 482 more words

Sugar Glider

A wheel is a wheel is a wheel...or is it?

My little sugar bear, Zoe, needed a wheel, and I was bound and determined to get her the best. I ordered my cage from eBay, so why not a wheel? 399 more words

Sugar Glider