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This is the sugar glider my dog and cat were trying to eat last night. Saved it from the vicious things and now calling it Radar O-Glider (After Radar from MASH). 34 more words

She was Doomed for Death

The tiny creature didn’t stand a chance. An inexperienced owner left her doomed for death. The owner wasn’t prepared for taking care of rejected joeys. She had no supplies on hand and no knowledge about the care required. 168 more words

Sugar Glider

Five Ways of Bonding that are Working for Us

1. Using a specific noise then saying her name prior to handling her pouch. This little tip has helped us tremendously. I make the same noise the same way followed by her name in the same tone of voice every time before I handle her pouch, whether it’s simply to rub the pouch to say hello, unhook it to take in the tent, or to put her in her bonding pouch. 510 more words

Sugar Glider

Two Ways of Bonding that Didn't Work for Us

The first way that didn’t work for Eris and I, was to leave Eris in her cage all day with the concept of allowing her to get enough sleep so she could be well-rested for tent time at night. 468 more words

Sugar Glider

Oh, to Bond with a Sugar Glider, or Not

The biggest lesson I’ve learned when it comes to bonding is to have patience. Another is to not compare your situation to others you may see or hear about. 526 more words

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6 Lessons Learned from a Failed Introduction

The time had come to introduce Eris to Zoe and Boomer. I will admit I was a nervous wreck. I now believe it was my own anxiety that caused the first introduction to not go quite as planned. 848 more words

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Boomer Meets Zoe

Boomer was neutered on a Monday, so we had to wait until he was healed before truly beginning the introduction process. While I (again) waited, I read everything I could on introducing sugar gliders, and spoke with a few experienced people about the process. 307 more words

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