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Munch With Me Monday!

Welcome to munch with me Monday!

This is going to be a weekly post where you can follow me through the day, See what my blood sugars are like, How my insulin intake changes and what I like to munch on, on a Monday. 149 more words

Blood Sugar

Oh Sugar!

I’m sure you’d agree that it’s definitely taboo to write an online article shaming your workplace. As a Starbucks barista and a bit of a nutrition geek, I thought I’d draw a bit of attention to the new ‘Yoghurt Frappuccino’ blended beverages.  378 more words


A Classic Snack: Peanut Butter on Toast

Working out can be the best part of your day, but if you’re not properly fueled it can quickly turn what should be a satisfying stress release into something you’re gritting your teeth to “get through.” This next snack has a great mix of protein, carbs and simple sugars. 178 more words

Whole-wheat Bread

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How Sweet It Is

With new research becoming more accessible to the general public about sugar and it’s effects on human health, more and more people are turning to artificial and natural (let’s say alternative, shall we) sweeteners for everything from baking to their morning caffeine fix, and for a variety of reasons, weight loss being one of them.   740 more words

Sugar and Plain and Simple

“Sugar feeds cancer,” she wore a kind of frank-looking expression, a sum-it-all-up in a few words kind of expression. I’d not heard her words of wisdom until after I’d already been treated for cancer, but they struck me to the quick. 728 more words