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Na na na na na ...cupcaaakes

Batman themed cupcakes for a 23 year old who apparently loves the comic!


I’ve never done an animal shaped cake of this capacity before and it was really fun to carve and decorate. The little boy loved it so much he stuck his hand in its’ face!

It's Cupcake Time!

Hello there lovelies,

This is just a quick post but I wanted to share some cupcakes with you guys that I made the other day for a friend who was pregnant (hence the pink and blue decorations!) I haven’t been doing cakes for too long and I haven’t really done any courses on decorating;┬áit’s just something I find really relaxing and fun to do! 199 more words


The Happy Couple

I really need to work on my sugar-people faces! I can do them a lot better than I used to but I’m not quite there yet. 17 more words

in the hen house...

These are some cupcake toppers I made for some hen party cupcakes, although, they do look more like chicks! The bride and her hens loved them anyway!

Pretty in Pink...

She still needs her tiara but I’m really pleased with how she’s turning out!

Cupcake Decorating

I tried something completely new recently – cupcake decorating. I have to be honest, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it that much as I’ve always been more of a baker than a decorator, but I absolutely loved it and am so pleased with the end results! 69 more words