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Giving sugarless September a try

I am not sure if I will succeed at this but I am going to give it a try.  Reducing my sugar intake in September. 117 more words


Honey is apparently not "just sugar"

Two articles from Chris Kresser’s archives (apologies in advance for the “please sign up for my newsletter” advertising) talk about whether all sugars are equal… 219 more words


Hey Sugar!

Imagine yourself going to a friend’s birthday party, potluck, dinner, or any other social event. Everyone is having a good time, eating and drinking, and enjoying a piece of cake, pie, or cookies topped with ice cream. 534 more words


Benefits of Aloevera for Skin

Ancient Egyptians called Aloevera the “plant of immortality.” Its uses have far greater benefits targeted from medicinal purposes and therapies for sunburns as well. Studies have shown results that aloe vera’s several properties very are effective in treating a numerous skin disorders, from peeling or dry skin, cosmetic complaints, hair and scalp issues to many more. 263 more words


Gluten-Free Options For Your Diet!

This post comes to us from  our clinical dietitian, Laura Palazzolo, MS, RDN. For more information, contact her at 303-689-5948.

Bread, the staff of life.  461 more words


Shoujo Manga Maniacs: Sugars

By: Meg Humphrey


I stumbled upon Sugars one night while I was half-heartedly reading through a couple other manga. Sugars, by Yamamori Mika, are compilations of one shots. 202 more words


Are you an 'Addict'

Do you have a daily nagging sweet tooth that won’t go away? Whether it’s chocolate, cookies, cake, ice cream, pastries, a sweetened beverage, or any other sugary treat, the majority of us have experienced the unstoppable urge to devour something sweet. 872 more words

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