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Nutrition Labeling

Ever wonder why some nutrients in food products get a daily value percentage and others don’t?

Nutrients Without a %DV: Trans Fats, Protein, and Sugars:

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Recently I’ve been trying to slowly develop healthier eating habits. Cutting down on bread, minimizing sugar and fat intake and avoiding sweets.
It’s not all that easy, especially not when you’re on a student budget and schedule, everything cheap and fast is almost always high in carbs, fats and sugars.. 455 more words


Honey, To Break Up or Not?

I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to make my meals a lot healthier; few years ago I decided to stop taking sugar in my teas, and cereals, from that moment, I developed a passionate romance with honey, but just this morning, I came across this write-up which has threatened the very foundation of my love for honey! 433 more words

Limit Not Fat But Also Sugars

Sometimes the fat is distributed throughout the body, but most of it is located in the waist, while the thighs and upper body work quite well. 219 more words

Javan Approved Razzanana Smoothie

I finally made a healthy smoothie that Javan likes!  This one is so tasty!  You won’t even think about how healthy it is.  We went through a whole bag of frozen raspberries, because the kids wanted lots.  131 more words


Carbohydrates: the primary energy source

Carbohydrates are a vital part of the diet, and not just as a source of energy. They make up around 10% of the organic matter of a cell, and they can be used as both an energy store and as a structural unit. 556 more words


Feeling FIT?

Right, i am sick of feeling chubby so i am starting a new fitness plan!

I am cutting out the following things out!


2.Coffee(i know im crazy) 206 more words