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Lost in Space

So about three or so days ago I finished Star Trek DS9, well you after this I feel adrift. This show was there during one of the hardest times for me when I was happy it was there when I was sad it was there now, it is over it is gone. 195 more words


Day 1-- And we're off

I just shared this email with the teammates joining me in Bend Over Backwards MS, but I thought I should also share it with my viewers.  285 more words

Central Nervous System

I am learning to use WordPress. This is the site I created via WordPress.

Want to offer any suggestions on what I should learn next? OR If you want to tell me how I am doing…do it here. I appreciate any suggestions or tips. Thank you, Sharon.

Put Up Photos

recipe for depression

sometimes i like to mess around in the kitchen. sometimes my recipes will come out of a cookbook like the joy of cooking;other times they will come out of my head. 416 more words


5 Ways to Spend Your Whiskey Wednesday

Time for those SHOTS of Whiskey to get over hump-day Wednesday. Here are 5 suggestions on how to be productive this day.

1. Go to local supermarket and buy frozen pizza. 96 more words


MyNewTryMo - Funny how things turn out!

Someone suggested a plan of action to me recently and I shrank from it in immediate horror.  It went against everything that seemed sensible, or even manageable, and only politeness kept me from instantly flouncing into a snappy rejection. 242 more words

Mostly Humourous Reactions To My Life

Warlords of Draenor: Thoughts on the Queue

WARNING: Suggestions that are recommended by myself in this article are done by having 0% knowledge on how World of Warcraft handles their server and is based purely on assumptions and conjecture. 492 more words