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Indonesian Killings 1965-66


This is a subject of great conjecture. Although it is considered one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century, historians have paid little attention to this highly significant period of Indonesian history. 2,399 more words


How To Speak Money by John Lanchester

 ‘The City of London is a robber baron’s castle. Its glory comes at the cost of the desolation it causes.’

How To Speak Money is a companion piece to the same author’s… 345 more words


Porno and Bloodbaths: The CIA in Indonesia

With a defense budget—hold on, let’s dispense with the spin—with a war budget that eats up at least 50 percent of federal tax dollars each year, did you ever wonder if all the legal tender being funneled away from social programs is making anyone except defense contractors safer? 103 more words

VIEW: The New Rulers of the World

Never before has the human race enjoyed such amazing capacity to create wealth and reduce poverty, yet never before has the gulf between rich and poor been so vast and inequality been so widespread…

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0197 | The Act Of Killing

Universally praised since its release in 2012 (it was named film of the year for 2013 by both Sight And Sound and The Guardian), Joshua Oppenheimer’s riveting and disturbing documentary… 1,112 more words


One Muslim state's peaceful power transfer - commentary

One Muslim state’s peaceful power transfer

While many Middle East countries splinter into war, Indonesia marks a democratic triumph Oct. 20. Its second popularly elected president, Joko Widodo, takes power. 490 more words


Interrogating the Dictator

Nostalgia for Suharto is an ever-present annoyance in contemporary Indonesia. There are the portraits of him on the back of trucks asking “How’s it going? Wasn’t it easier back in my day?”. 1,755 more words