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Dear Jake Miller

Now, I hope people don’t hate me right off the bat, and I hope you hear me out. I stumbled across Jake Miller one day. I listened to Collide, Me & You, and A Million Lives. 636 more words


September is Suicide Awareness Month

2014 has proven to be a challenging year for me. There have been many incredible moments followed by many dark and depressing ones. This has been the year of change for me. 1,071 more words

The Six Reasons People Attempt Suicide

Great post from Psychology Today :

Though I’ve never lost a friend or family member to suicide, I have lost a patient (who I wrote about in a previous post, …

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Suicide Awareness

Happy Spring Day!

Happy Spring Day! My beautiful friend Robyn sent this thought to me this morning (my friends are going to stop telling me/sending me stuff…a lot of it ends up on my blog!). 164 more words


Lick the Barrel & Aim For the Truth: Part Two

I was scrolling through Netflix and I came across a film cover that had Paul Walker on the front. It made me start to think about a lot of things… 1,020 more words


22x22: skin and bones were you

skin and bones were you
linked to us with aspen roots
miss your breath of life

~from Human, a collection from 22×22, a zen doughboy™ project~ 118 more words


Choose your attitude

Picture your life.. Got it?
If it’s negative.. Change it, cross it out.negative

Picture your life..Got it?

Chose your attitude, it has to be positive. 96 more words

The Arrow Affect