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I am so perturbed right now.

Imagine an illness that causes incredible pain. Good. Now imagine an illness that leaves you paralyzed. Good. Then imagine an illness that takes the air from your lungs. 409 more words


"Grow a pair of balls", "Man the f*ck up" and join the "real men" club

Yesterday was International Men’s Day and there didn’t seem to be much fuss about it at all so I wanted to mark the occasion by talking about what it is to be a real man. 819 more words


Those affected by suicide loss come together for Survivor Day

By Ellen Rossow


For years, the Saturday before Thanksgiving has been observed as a day of healing, community, and hope.

National Survivor of Suicide Day was established in 1999 as a day for those struggling with grief due to suicide. 495 more words


Letter #11

You were arrested just 6 days before you died. You had borrowed a friends car and drove into the city from the motel. You bought drugs with the money from the sale of some of your camera equipment.  680 more words

Letter #10

I’m not sure where to start today.

There are so many thoughts running through my mind at once.

Where are you, Jesse?

My days are filled with this question. 500 more words

With Flowers In Your Hair: A Letter to Kayla

Dear Kayla,

Seven years ago when we became friends on Livejournal, I said I was a writer, and you said me too. I said, I’m depressed all the time, and you said me too. 1,704 more words

Stardust and Wild Dreams: A Letter to You

Dear You,

I can see you. You are functional, and you are not functional. You haven’t left your room in days. You go to work and put on a smile, feeling like a fraud. 1,055 more words