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"Stuff the Bus" At The Arboretum

This past weekend, we held our “Stuff the Bus” School Supply Drive at the Arboretum Wal-Mart! Be sure to check out pictures from the event on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! 7 more words

Listening to Myself - Part 3

I’ve been feeling much better since I wrote Listening to Myself – Part 2 about a week ago. I want to thank the people who reached out to me in response to that post: your support has meant the world to me. 406 more words

Mental Health

Wanna reduce suicides--make people happy and content

Now here is a no brainer. A large cohort of men (most high risk group) has a lower risk of suicide if they have family and social support.


Australian man has saved lives for 50 years

Don Ritchie was a man like no other. He was literally saving lives. Living next to the Gap, in Sydney Australia Ritchie has rescued over 160 people from killing themselves, although his family claims that it was around 400 people. 147 more words

Good People

'What a faggot', 'consider suicide' and other inspirational messages.

So being the vain person I am I decided to update my Facebook profile picture for the one hundred and thirty-eighth time yesterday (yes i’ll admit I have a problem with narcissism and egotism) but in my defense I had just gotten my hair cut, and I was feeling pretty good about myself. 1,156 more words


22x22: mental prison bars

mental prison bars
body freed from metal shackles
stuck in life’s limbo

~from Freedom, a collection from 22×22, a zen doughboy™ project~

photo credit:  108 more words

More Than Words

Second chances, a cup of tea and a conversation

Isn’t this story just amazing? I saw this on my Facebook feed this morning and the story has been on my mind the whole day.  Suicide is a subject that is very close to my heart because I was there a few months ago. 310 more words