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Suicide Watch: Week 4

By Justin Boylan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Here’s some inside information about the Suicide Pool: even though you are only allowed to pick a team once, there is no limit to the number of times you can pick against a team.  774 more words

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Suicide Watch by Kelley York ( Joana)

 Suicide Watch by Kelley York 


Okay this is going to be a very short review review. It shouldn’t be because the book was really good… 152 more words


Suicide Watch: Week 3

By Justin Boylan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — What a start to the season.  Things are going great.  The Eagles are 2-0, my fantasy team is equally undefeated, I’ve hit on a four-team teaser and I’m cruising right along in the Suicide Pool.  891 more words

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Guardian Angel Suicide Watch: Week 2

By Justin Boylan

How could this happen? Of course I knew it could happen, I just didn’t think it would. How did I not see this coming? 875 more words

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Suicide Watch: Week 1

By Justin Boylan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Gather round football fans of all beliefs and allegiances, this is for everyone.  Eagles fans, Seattle bandwagoners, Foles believers, Foles doubters, Cowboys fans who have never been to Dallas, Cheeseheads, Who Dat-ers, fantasy gurus, gamblers, college football loyalists, people okay with the Washington team’s name, Le’Veon Bell’s newly hired chauffeurs, the guys blowing smoke in Josh Gordon’s face and anyone else I may have missed. 813 more words

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“Well, you don’t look crazy”, the nurse said, as I stood in line for my medication the morning after waking in my nightmare.

To think it was only the day before that I hadn’t been so well-versed in the protocol. 860 more words



“Hey, you must be Cat?” the man asks. He has honest eyes, steely blue and he smiles kindly.


“I understand you’ve been feeling down lately?” 1,360 more words