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Written on April 10, 2014

Today there was a suicide. Today a boy who’s name I had heard only associated with positive things died. Today a boy I had never met felt so alone and so hopeless, he would have rather never seen another day than live the life he had been living for 18 years. 495 more words

More Than a Game: How Basketball Helped Save My Life

I woke up this morning completely drained, irritated, and sad for no reason.  I asked to work a morning shift after working the night before, so I assumed it was exhaustion. 1,115 more words

Going Under will be released July 1, 2014

Going Under: A Bill Roberts Novel, by Silas Payton

A bizarre murder with no motive.

A strange suicide that doesn’t make sense.

Inspector Bill Roberts, the head of Toronto Police Homicide Division, decides that it’s time he finally gets back in shape after recovering from a rough encounter with a serial killer. 109 more words

Bill Roberts

Apirl's PAD -- Day Nineteen

prompt: pick a color, make it your title, write the poem


**Caution: this poem contains details of cutting and suicide remarks.



You are at it again — carving up… 188 more words


You’ll start to see through my blog entries, that I come from a very broken, dysfunctional family. And while I thought that a lot of the issues I’m addressing now had already been dealt with, I quickly learned that I have never addressed it completely. 2,259 more words

I like the name American Spirit for cigarettes, it’s a nice name for a slow suicide.