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I Don't Matter

I feel like an asshole every time I say I don’t matter.  People keep telling them I matter to them, and I don’t want to ignore that. 375 more words

A Tortured Soul Rests

“Sweetie, what was it this time?” My mother asked me. My head snaps over to the driver side of the suburban as I state my side of the story. 2,169 more words

One Direction

Welcome to My World.

Day 16

Welcome to my world…

My sanctuary.  My cage.

Help is On the Way

If you as parents, educators and teens have ideas, stories or senerios that you can share to help others please add it in comments or email it to me and I will gladly add your post to help others. 19 more words


Unbelievable Insanity

Dear Mindful,

My life is a total mess.

I don’t know who to believe or listen too.

I am getting help from professionals, but I have difficulty trusting even them. 384 more words


Moving Into the Light

My name is Jessica.
& I am about to be completely honest with you.
I have undeniably lived a quite hectic life for a short 25 years. 942 more words

Michigan Made Mommy

Things Need to Change

A few days ago I was napping when my best friend from home called me. I didn’t answer because well, I was being selfish and trying to nap. 515 more words