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A mother's journey after her son commits suicide

Suicide. Sometimes that word alone is enough to provoke a sea of emotions in many of us. Most of us have experienced the sting of suicide either in our personal lives or through the lives of others. 307 more words

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The Chilling Moment Robin Williams' Body Was Found In His Sprawling Mansion

It was Robin Williams‘ longtime assistant who made the horrific discovery of his body hanging with a belt around his neck in the sprawling mansion he shared with his wife, and a special investigation by… 253 more words

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What is brave about suicide? | Life | spiked

Is it wrong to commit suicide? A few years ago, society would have had little problem answering that question, and might have looked askew at you even for asking it. 8 more words


Inside, outside, upside down

In the early days of my illness, I was often inclined to think of depression of something within me that I fought to keep at bay. 372 more words

Misery is Poverty, Not Capitalism

The School of life recently published an article on 19th century sociologist Emile Durkheim under its “great philosophers” category. It focuses on his work Suicide… 1,188 more words



It’s happened again. The racing thoughts. The copious amounts of energy, that no matter how much you expend, now matter how much you try to deplete yourself of it, the more you hustle and bustle around, the more energy you try to release the more and more and more energy seems to come. 288 more words

Stop Running Away


Life is difficult.  This is one of the Great Truths.

There are a lot of ways than a man may choose to run away from Life and all its difficulties, rather than living in the moment and accepting reality for what it is.  1,154 more words