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There are many people in my life that have been surprised by my willingness to share that I take medications for psychological reasons. I actually take 3. 552 more words


It's not so easy.

This would usually be posted in my ‘Anxietytube’ page but I think the message this video brings across is the biggest and most important message in the issue of bullying. 90 more words


Danger Book

‘Be careful of books. Be careful with books. Be careful or one can become a weapon-wielder. Be careful or one can become the victim’ -Cai Guo-Qiang… 182 more words


ostricised from society - divorce

Ostracised from society

Last night I watched a great film ‘The house I live in’ supposedly about the drugs war in America but really an observation on society. 528 more words



AUTHOR’S NOTE: When a child with mental illness comes of age, from a parent’s point of view, all bets are off. If your now “adult” child is not on board with the idea of getting help when he or she needs it, well, too bad. 4,594 more words

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

The mother of a close friend of mine suffered from depression and an undiagnosed eating disorder and the two ultimately led to her taking her own life. 52 more words

A Music Journal, A Playlist for Healing

In August of 2003, I tried to end my life. I spent the weeks following deep in reflection, but deeper within the music I love. I listened to a lot of Frank Sinatra then, and I was listening to… 1,001 more words