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Sweet Child of Mine-Is It The Beginning of the End?

It was early December of this past year, when I was awakened around three o’clock in the morning by the high pitched bark of our dog.   872 more words


Posting is the strongest thing I've done all night

I’m just feeling low. I did not self harm tonight, but that’s about it.

My mom began crying in front of me about how she wishes she had been told last year that it would be the last time she went to go see my… 316 more words

I'm Dying

as i sit here
watching the hours
fly by
my limbs feeling heavy
and my chest is aching
i look at the
pill bottle beside me… 195 more words


Taking #SPSM To The Streets (and why it rocks)

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you might see the hashtag #SPSM (Suicide Prevention and Social Media). Through this I have found many resources featured on this blog.   348 more words

Mental Health

A Social Workers Plea

There are times when I feel sad, alone, lost, confused, or nostalgic. Lately, I’ve been feeling all of those. I’m like an emotional roller coaster, holding on to the rails of life with all of my might. 551 more words

My Mother

My Mother had a small stroke this past weekend, She is home now resting as comfortably as all of the well wishers will allow. She has made the following statement several times and no one knows what she is talking about: 19 more words


I haven’t felt myself lately. Where “lately” is “the last nine months or so.” Maybe longer. I was so sick last spring semester that perhaps the depression was already at play, earlier than I thought, masquerading with physical symptoms. 235 more words