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I sat there under my trees in the park, two bottles of Seroquel and a 24 ounce beer in front of me.

I couldn’t do it. 78 more words

Journal Entry

Reflections under street lights

Tonight has been a tough night for me. I don’t know why but for some reason I felt very depressed and longed for human connection. I felt being suffocated and that there is no point to carry on. 314 more words


Down down the rabbit hole

Further absorbed of the chaos

My love, the clocks run wild

From side to side like time’s lost

I hate it for stealing you… 96 more words


When the manure pile grows.

Last Thursday I turned 24, my dad hung himself in prison, and I found out about it on Facebook.

I saw him last when I was three. 265 more words

I won't title this post Monro Pub Sucks

Okay, just checking in with some future blog posts.

Monro Pub Movies

Why I am Writing This Blog


A Thank You


Depression and Suicide

What I should have Said

I have a secret...

It was late 2012, I can’t remember exactly when but sometime around the holidays and I felt alone. I didn’t know how to fix my life, I didn’t know when I would feel better about myself and I was just so tired. 1,056 more words


I am dating Patrick Bateman

I am in love with a man who has antisocial personality disorder.  Alright, so I am no psychologist, but I have looked this disorder up many times.   589 more words