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Hello world! I'm back

Hello sweetlings!

I’m back after a self-imposed “time out” from WordPress and the world in general. Don’t worry, my withdrawal was in a good cause; I was becoming extremely stressed about my financial situation, and about the outcome of an insurance claim - stressed to the point of my hair coming out in handfuls (ugh!). 656 more words

Mental Health


There I stand, but am I really?

Tingling in my toes, the fog in my mind, the darkness in my soul…

the mist of the rain touches my skin feeling ever so cold as the breeze touches my face… I reach up to touch the rain on my cheeks, trying to feel the existance of something, is it real, or is it a dream? 135 more words


A Buoy

Frequently I feel like a buoy
Sinking and rising repeatedly from a deep, dark ocean of doubt
Stagnant while leading the way
To observe those I assist leaving me, over and over… 66 more words


#Suicide #markhenick and running out of options

#suicide #mentalillness #bipolar #manicdepression #mania #manic #depression #depressed #suicidal #selfharm #breakthestigma #markhenick


The online world

I have spent many years of my life housebound.  Too many to count without becoming all cross and frustrated at myself.  The internet has been such a massive coping mechanism for me during those times. 1,397 more words


Admitted part three.

The doctor has just been, she took my blood and did a full mental health evaluation. Right now I’m lying in bed and I’m exhausted. I will update everyone more tomorrow when I’m not exhausted. 18 more words

I’m SO FRUSTRATED with this new case manager, S.  She’s nice, but…completely useless.

Every time we meet, she basically tells me I’m fine.  Apparently, as long as I get out of bed, then my mental health is A-OK.  486 more words