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Most people think being alone is a scary thing

Alone, is not having to be on guard and ready to defend yourself against attack

Alone, is being being in your own company, peacefully… 59 more words

A Listed Development

One of the things that my therapists have recommended, whether it be one-to-one, group, or the annoying voiced online variety, is that for each action I either have regrets about, or not being sure what to do, write a pros and cons list. 691 more words


How to be happy

I’m a happy person.
I am grateful for that every day!
If I do get sad or hurt, ill be over it in no time. I understand that’s┬ánot how it goes for everyone. 401 more words

Just Life

The Simple Suicide of Louise Parker (Short story teaser)

She slammed the door behind her and walked out of the driveway. She hadn’t taken her keys or phone or her purse. Just a wad of letters, around 4 inches think. 344 more words


Dear Abusers

Everyone told me to keep living
What they don’t understand is
How much your soul gets damaged
When you’re beat down into the ground
So far down that you feel dead, numb… 110 more words


A few pathetic people living in a huge world

Some people are weird. I don’t get it. Yesterday evening, a load of stupid girls started tweeting about me. They were tweeting pathetic stuff, but obviously no matter what you’re going to get a little bit upset. 717 more words

Life Is Fucked Up