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Consumerism Cause and Effect

I arbitrarily decided to go to the mall today, after I got back from jogging.  I wasn’t going for anything in particular, I just like to go sometimes and people-watch, so I was walking around on the top level and just looking for whatever caught my eye.   251 more words

Personal Log

"Why?" : The Question I Keep Asking Myself





And I must answer back, “Why Not?”  So here I go, into Blog Post Numero Uno.

The main impetus for starting this blog happened last night. 411 more words


Schizophrenic Disputation

Frank was not dead: to begin with.  There is no doubt whatever about that.  This is despite his wish to be dead as a door-nail; but, I get ahead of myself. 1,592 more words

Song of the Week! Sept. 8th - 14th

Here’s our song of the week~ it is called ‘One of Those Days’ an original song by a high school student. It is a song about suicide and tells a story as well as showing how amazing each and every one of you is. 54 more words

Song Of The Week!

The Room

I’m sure many of you are accustomed to periods of withdrawal – having succumbed to some tunnel of darkness weaving into the crevices of your mind, feeling yourself sinking deeper into the encroaching twilight of regret, guilt, fear, pain, desire. 216 more words


Book Clubs for Educators!

Hello everyone!

If you’ve read my amazing bio (ok, can you consider 33 things amazing?) then you know that 1.) I’m a School Counselor 2.) I love YA Books  & 3.) I have freckles.   214 more words

Book Club

Stigmas Are Frustrating

Suicide. The least talked about topic on the face of the planet until either a famous person commits suicide or national suicide prevention week. After that, it becomes taboo once again and we are left without the talking and without the love that is shown during the mourning of those two events. 831 more words