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Walking Backwards

Ok so I have my second session of my new batch this afternoon and I’m not looking forward to it.

My last session went really well I was nervous but when I got there felt at ease and discussed the old things and also we went over my current feelings and issues. 261 more words


I guess I’ve been having a hard time trying to cope with feeling “lonely” as it’s a very despicable emotional that leaves me quite vulnerable at times. 130 more words

Mortal Girl

She was loved by all

placed on pedestals

this mortal girl.

Her beauty lit the room

of father’s heart

like mine never could.

So blossomed the fruitless emulation… 251 more words


On Telling the World I Want to Die

I recently wrote a suicide letter to over 300 followers on tumblr and twitter.

I have been suicidally depressed for three weeks now, and throughout my life because of abuse, bullying, loneliness, neglect, poverty, what have you. 538 more words


Most of the time in Life, its not going to go our way. There’s gunna be times when we want to just throw in the towel, call it quits, and just give up. 465 more words


A Really Rough Night.

The night after Chris gave me proof about his mother’s situation, things really fell apart. It started with him saying he wanted to move. I expressed some concern… moving as soon as the 6 months is up? 306 more words

Inside The Mind of a BiPolar/ManicDepressive

I was diagnosed at 16, took my medication for a year, did well, stopped taking it, slowly turned to street drugs, ended up a heroin addict for 10 years, now I’ve been back on prescribed medications and off the illicit drugs for 4 months. 1,101 more words