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A man, identified as Okechukwu Ezeigbo, has drowned in the Lagoon after taking a dive from the top of the Third Mainland Bridge on Thursday. 281 more words


Time for another visual

(See “Time for a visual” post of 12/28/2014.)

Chronic Pain

How Far Do You Have To Go...

I feel him, I even hear him sometimes. As I’m going through my day I catch a familiar smell. Maybe something catches my attention out of the corner of my eye or draws me to a particular piece of clothing. 364 more words


Guns don't kill people, and backhoes don't dig holes in the ground

On Wednesday, my post about the effect on suicides from widespread personal gun ownership in the United States got a fair bit of attention.

The title distracted a lot of readers from the content of the article, which isn’t surprising, but even for those who read it, there were some common arguments I responded to, so I wanted to collect them all in one place, and dig a bit deeper. 937 more words



A couple months ago, I visited an old friend at work. The fresh air felt awfully unfamiliar. It had been awhile since I had left the apartment instead of wallowing in depression. 374 more words

I'll show you mine if you show me yours first.

The following post contains references to self harm. If you are triggered by this, please do not continue reading!

Let me just start by saying: Self harm sucks. 873 more words

Review of All the bright places by @jenniferniven : thank you for tackling this subject

All the bright places
By Jennifer Niven
ISBN 9780141357034

I stick by my predictions that this was going to be brave and honest. And it was! 333 more words