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A reddit post posed a question I seriously pondered. I paraphrase when I state the query was about being culpable in someone’s death. I’ve got ghosts, more than a couple, but there is one experience I feel actually possesses substance. 384 more words


The Hope

Andrew Fulton – Age 34

 April 9th, 2261 – Sec. MR5-91, Virginia:

For the past few months now, the weather has been unnaturally cold. It’s April for God’s sake. 1,754 more words


That's So Cool

I wake up with classical music playing in my head: my own funeral. It’s too bright outside. As much as I hated winter, I have trouble adapting to the sunshine and the smells of spring seeping through my window. 414 more words

Grief and Questions

I have been lucky enough that throughout my 19 years of life, I have not had to go through the tragedy of losing a loved one. 386 more words

EXCELSIOR: A constant search for silver linings

It has been two days and I have watched Silver Linings Playbook three times.I have laughed and cried my way through the struggles of the characters played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence because, in the end, I see myself in both of them. 902 more words


Suicidal Thoughts

After watching the second to last episode of Doctor Who on Netflix, Luke just sort of blurted it out on his way to bed.

“I think I know why wants an emergency meeting with you. 493 more words