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Everything Turns To Ash

Everything I touch does that is. All of my life, I’ve tried to make something perfect. Just one thing. Anything. Specifically, I’ve always wanted to have a perfect night with my significant other. 555 more words



it’s all hype until you breathe in the moment and realize it’s all just hype and your imagination is just the place where everything happens and you try to get to it in time and… 530 more words


Pickle Sandwiches

Still up?

Everything, ok?

Let me know if your mood is shifting rapidly.

Just let me know.
Okay, I will.



When there's talk of suicide

Of all the topics this blog will ever address, “atypical young people and suicidal thoughts” is probably the most sensitive, emotional, and uncomfortable. Below is my attempt at shining some light on this high-stakes “elephant in the room.” If, in reading what follows, you find errors to correct or have additional information to share, please please… 2,113 more words


Dire swap.

So everyday I contemplate suicide or I think about a scale on where I feel I fit in terms of wanting to die that day. I have come to the conclusion I haven’t just yet got the balls to do it but that doesn’t keep me from thinking. 108 more words