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I have…no wait, I had a friend. She has depression. For the past year I stood by her side in order to do everything I could to support her through school, home life everything and anything.

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the shitty part

The shitty part is
since my mother
is still paying off
my wedding dress,
I don’t even feel
killing myself is an

Poem A Day


Kids, all of us.

4 year old cry babies trapped inside

Of stretched out and worn out bodies

With non existent tearducts, blocked

Like clogged pipes in an abandoned building. 162 more words


One day you will not
be sad anymore
and your tears
will turn into golden rays of

One day you will not
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“I’m here.”

“I’m okay.”

Black intoxication swirls inside the girl’s body, leeching onto the bird’s wings with murky charcoal. It clutches onto the girl, flowing inside every crevice.  48 more words

Closed Doors

Dilated pupils through tarnished keyholes

Snowy fingers wrap around deep brass

and as it’s turned

unfamiliar light dribbles

and overcomes the darkness beyond.


An oscillating visage… 120 more words


10/21/2014- "F**k The Cool Kids!"

Hey Mikey,

I’m lonely. Like really lonely. I moved to Atlanta a year ago and I still really don’t know anyone. I’m outgoing, kind, and I always try to think of others before I act but no one here seems to care.

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Hey Mikey