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Poor Helen, Chapter 2

By the time she was 14 she was dating the only man she ever married.  Dad complained to mom often about Helen being “boy-crazy”.  He didn’t like it that she wouldn’t take music lessons or ballet and she wouldn’t apply herself in school.     435 more words

Journey Of The Mind


The character enters and sets up a video camera which faces him. He pushes a button on the camera and says something to indicate it’s recording. 483 more words


Me Before You

Before you go any further I’m going to tell you to stop everything you’re doing and watch this video. It’s an exact representation of what will become of you after you finish this book. 485 more words


A Personal Perceptive!

We all have all dreamed of being something incredible a crime fighting superhero, a world leader whatever but…… these dreams are obtainable. What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? 364 more words

Patient Endurance

It is rare that I dwell much on the past. It is probably a result of my being ensnared by an abusive past and overcoming it. 499 more words

Suicide and the Narrative of Choice

Whilst reading about the tragic death of the great Robin Williams I repeatedly stumbled upon the narrative of choice. Places like Psychcentral spoke about suicide being an “insidious choice”, but a “choice” nonetheless, so much so that they repeated the word to drive the message home. 515 more words

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The only thing worth adding to that is that, in some few cases, it may actually be true that the family, friends, and children would be better off without us. Everyone who is terminally ill has to consider that possibility. You know your end is near - is the time you have left worth the financial devastation of everyone in your circle of influence? Do you have a right to bankrupt everyone you've ever met, just for one more week?

Eline's dossier will be reviewed

Last Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 we, our lawyer Arthur van der Biezen and us, met with the deputy head-public prosecutor George Rasker (plaatsvervangend hoofdofficier van justitie) and public prosecutor… 251 more words

Eline Melters