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Jack White becomes even cooler

It’s pretty evident that the appeal of vintage records falls in and out of Vogue with each generation. On april the 19th , Record Store day, Jack White the uber cool vampire rocker known for his plethora of Musical Achievements succeeded in completing a the worlds fastest recording to record. 153 more words


Thought I was buying a custom suit, I am not pleased!

I am a professional and I have to dress up from time to time at work or for other purposes. For a long time I’ve bought suits from local retailers, and that has been ok. 162 more words

Picking Books.

Location: London

Date: April, 2014


Tie Choices for the Groom

Men are now choosing to wear a suit over a tuxedo for their wedding. Over the 10 years that I’ve officiated weddings, I’ve seen the trend towards suits growing. 347 more words


Daily Prompt - You Sexy Thing

Tell us all about your best confidence outfit. Don’t leave out the shoes or the perfect accessories.

I don’t have one of these. I think when I was younger and more ripped, and dancing full time, a lot of my confidence outfits were stuff that I wore whenever I went out dancing with my friends.

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Writing Challenge

Fisher-Price Octonauts Tweak's Octo Max Suit

A Mission to the Midnight Zone The Octonauts are traveling to the deepest part of the ocean—the midnight zone. To safely explore the depths of the deep sea, this fearless crew will need the right gear. 493 more words

1/2 tailor4less

I was approached by tailor4less a couple of months ago. The original shipment was misplaced by DSL, so it took a while to get my product. 223 more words