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Vicky, the Only Jewish Woman Pilot in the 30's

In Vicky’s suitcase I found a newspaper clipping that was fascinating. It stated that Vicky was the only Jewish women pilot in 1931. She took flying lessons after she traveled. 475 more words

My Aunt: The Pilot

5 days.

So, I just woke up to people liking my first post and following my blog and I’m just sitting here like. “what? Why? Are you guys okay? 405 more words


3 Fail-Proof Tips For Painless Packing


Going somewhere? Here are three packing tips you need to know before you toss up your out of office message and bid adieu to your hometown. 396 more words

It List

5 Life Hacks I've Learned Living Out of a Suitcase

1. T-shirt:

If any of y’all are like me, my clothes seem to not only attract those awful white deodorant stains, but also spread them to parts of my clothes that get nowhere near my armpits! 416 more words

Video: DIY Suitcase Coffee Table

Hello everyone! This is our new video on how to make a suitcase coffee table. It sounds weird, I agree, but I promise you the result is incredible. 23 more words


Packing Perfectly for a Hostel

Packing, the worst and best thing for any traveler. I am surprised there isn’t a “Packing for Dummies” yet. If you are anything like me, you need someone to constantly watch over you to make sure you don’t over pack. 249 more words


+++ Sport 18" Suitcase reviews

Sport 18″ Suitcase

Sport 18″ Suitcase. If you looking for Sport 18″ Suitcase. For more details of Sport 18″ Suitcase, please follow the link below. 100 more words