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Why the name One Checked Bag?

Why the name One Checked Bag?

First confession, I originally wanted to name the blog “Where’s Maldo?” after the only nickname I have ever gone by, but there appeared to be a group of people against a certain politician who had already parked the domain. 251 more words


Time to go home - Fun Wid Us

by tracy-t
Entertainment Guaranteed


8 Super Helpful Packing Tips When Traveling To Europe

Although some European countries share the same language and similar ways of doing things, it’s important to remember that the US and Europe are vastly different. 595 more words


How-To: Take the Stress Out of Packing Your Suitcase-Travel Essientials

Ok, so after you’ve booked your trip and all excited you realize you have to start packing and it’s crunch time! What to bring? What not to bring? 756 more words


You're Telling me I'm 50 Pounds Lighter Now?

Talk about people walking around with a lot of “personal baggage”; I have a bittersweet feeling parting with my 50-pound best friend. It’s almost time to retire my suitcase. 318 more words

Baggage Successfully Acquired!

This weekend, I bought the most hilariously garish suitcase, you won’t even believe. It’s just so ridiculous, I couldn’t resist but to choose it over the other lumo varieties of the same case. 48 more words

Travel Addiction

There is something addictive about being a stranger in a new city with all new sites and sounds. It has been said that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. 36 more words