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The Past: Stage Mishaps

A continuation of the story trade that was “The Past”. More a costuming story, and by my standards, rather tame.
Mark walked through the turnstiles at the Bomar Theatre, smiled at the doormen and walked confidently backstage, pass held rakishly between his forefingers. 4,848 more words


Reality Television Round 3

So… Nadia… the results are in. You are to be
A Young Adult Woman.
Living in North America.
Strongly linked to your community.
With a Cosmopolitan Outlook. 197 more words


Sydney's Recommended: Men of the Cloth

Last night we had the chance to watch a screening of Men of the Cloth at the Bloor Cinema.

Men of the Cloth is an inspiring portrait of three humble and accomplished Italian master tailors whose work exudes elegance and style. 197 more words


Boss Bitch

“Life is about balance, like a dirty Martini and a clean suit.” Anonymous┬á

We can apply this concept to the modern-day power suit. Fashion has matured, and as a result the traditional structure of a “suit” is no longer a must have. 375 more words

Fashion Advice

Ageless Japanese sartorialism : Shinanoya style.

The usual scene. I’m sitting around doing something important (so mainly quite dull) and get side tracked. Stumble across a few blogs, one thing leads to another and I’m locked into a Japanese site. 77 more words

Blog Post

Artificiale Part 5

Artificiale Part 5

After an hour of pacing around in the sunroom, Sam finally lead me upstairs and stood me before what used to be the guest bedroom, but had now been converted to… some sort of storage? 4,737 more words