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Holy Terror Louis Litt Drops A Mic On The Fourth Midseason Finale Of 'Suits'

I’m not sure when a season of Suits begins and ends anymore, but I do know there is a summer and winter finale, and last night’s summer finale did not disappoint. 475 more words


'Suits' Recap and Review: 'This Is Rome'

You ever have one of those TV show episodes that you watch and the lightbulb comes on and you suddenly get it? That’s what this week’s… 95 more words


Knitted tie

As you all know by now my brother is getting married in just a few weeks time so we are all very excited here in the Crawshaw household. 233 more words



My first year at Melbourne Law School is nearing a distressingly rapid close. And, like a premature “greatest hits” CD, I can already see the highs and lows of the JD flash before my sleep-deprived eyes. 772 more words


Suits 4×10 – This Is Rome – Recap

Tonight was the summer finale of Suits, and let me tell you, it was a doozy. By far, this was one of Rick Hoffman’s… 92 more words


Lessons from Suits - employee recognition

If your a Suits fan like me you probably enjoy watching Louis Litt march around the office barking orders and using his catch phrase “you just got litt up!”. 562 more words

Preview: 'Suits' season 4 episode 11

Suits will return with new episodes this Winter and we’ve got a preview.

Expect Pearson Specter to be Litt up!

Here’s a preview:

New episodes of… 6 more words