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Why I Hate School But Love Education'||Spoken Word by Suli Breaks

This is a thought provoking piece by Suli Breaks a UK artist. Enjoy …….

Spoken Word: Parents Are the Hardest People To Please

Check out one of Suli Breaks’ most popular “spoken word” videos. Parents are the Hardest People To Please¬†talks about some of the ways parents misinterpret their children’s unconventional aspirations of being¬† 18 more words


I wont let an exam result decide my fate

You have to fight, it doesn’t matter if your teachers, parents, the society, your friends or anybody is in your way you have to fight for your dreams and prove them they were wrong. 6 more words

Suli Breaks

Why i hat school but love education.

Now a days everybody thinks that Steve Jobs was a genius and he could drop school and be a successful person but if some other student drops school now he will end at the fliping burgers. 64 more words

Suli Breaks

Parents are the hardest people to please

IF you are a parent you probably need to see the video, you wont believe it at first but then you will react. If you are a son that depends on your parents you will probably understand every single word of this video but it doesn’t matter because: If you tell this whole awesome speech to your parents they wont understand you or listen because it comes from you but if the parents hear the speech of a guy that has lots of people folowing him they will listen then. 31 more words

Suli Breaks


Does money truly bring happiness?

If you’d asked me 6 months ago I would of said no. Money allows you to buy materlistic objects that’s do show you love just temporary happiness until you get bored and want something new. 203 more words