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Yeremia 32:27 “Sesungguhnya, Akulah TUHAN, Allah segala makhluk; adakah sesuatu apapun yang mustahil untuk-Ku?

Saya yakin hampir tidak ada orang Kristen yang kesulitan percaya bahwa YESUS adalah satu-satunya jalan menuju Sorga dan barangsiapa yang percaya kepadaNYA akan beroleh kehidupan yang kekal.

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Daily Bread

OLX in Cebu and Yesss, Yaman! Campaign

I have always loved to shop; I always look for items that would get my money’s worth.  However, I realized that I have bought a lot of stuff that I haven’t used, some were used once or twice and all unused items are piling up inside my room ever since I came back from Bangkok.  365 more words


Private message in OLX.ph (formerly Sulit)

I got this private message last June 11 when I posted an item for sale in http://www.olx.ph (formerly http://www.sulit.com.ph) from pittyyolanda@gmail.com.

Your selling price is ok with me….I want this for my late brother son as a surprise present gift…..And i want this to be send directly to his location…..I am willing to pay your asking price for the unit…..

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