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Star Trek - Space Seed

In which we first meet Khan, a character who has a history of popping up in the Star Trek movies. As a nice bit of texture, we learn more of the future history, particularly about the 1990s, a dark and violent time by all accounts when genetically engineered supermen overthrew governments. 369 more words


Pasta for the Depressed

It must say something about me (I shudder to think what) that, although I struggle with depression myself and know how rough it can be, I spit a huge mouthful of mint tea into my keyboard laughing when I saw this: 205 more words

Star Trek - The Return Of The Archons

In which the Enterprise visit a planet with Wild West architecture and clothing while looking for the ship Archon lost over a century ago.
We begin, rather brilliantly, with Sulu and O’Neil menaced mid mission by cloaked men with some form of laser sticks. 236 more words


Star Trek - Tomorrow Is Yesterday

In which the Enterprise finds itself in the atmosphere of late 1960s Earth, mistaken for a UFO by US authorities wishing to protect the first manned moon mission. 482 more words


Star Trek - The Squire Of Gothos

In which the Enterprise stumbles across a previously unrecorded planet in a “space desert”, home to an entity with a penchant for kidnapping and communicating in Gothic font. 478 more words


Star Trek - Arena

In which Kirk wrestles the man-gecko like Gorn. The TV critic Clive James would use clips from this episode to affectionately poke fun at the series, especially its monsters. 518 more words


Star Trek - Shore Leave

In which the Enterprise crew have a bit of downtime on an uninhabited¬†Earth-like rural idyll where McCoy sees a giant rabbit and things get weirder from there as the ground crew’s imagination comes to life. 409 more words