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DSA 2014: Any Chance of Attack Helicopter?

Anticipation of a potential Malaysian attack helicopter tender remains high, with candidate platforms from Bell, Airbus Helicopters and Boeing to be showcased at the Defence Services Asia (DSA) 2014 defence exhbition in Kuala Lumpur. 336 more words

Missing Fisherman at FELDA Sahabat 16

Mad Terawih Payau, a fisherman from FELDA Sahabat 5 is still missing after he went for fishing alone near the FELDA Sahabat 16′s jetty on April 9. 89 more words

Apabila Terlalu Lama Membangkang

Dominasi kuasa Barisan Nasional yang berpanjangan membuatkan ia terlalu selesa, lalu leka mentadbir negara. Sebaliknya, ia lebih utamakan pengekalan kuasa demi meneruskan keselesaan sedia ada. Pelbagai pendekatan digunakan. 1,508 more words


FArFri -- "Best of Enterprise" by Stumpaa

Here’s a great piece by Stumpaa on DeviantArt –A little something to remind Kirk that there is no “I” in Team!   Almost mystic, yes?  I love how Uhura is playing peek-a boo.

Star Trek

Star Trek's influence in all that is good in televised Sci-Fi.

When Star Trek ended everyone thought, that was it. Syndication proved otherwise. Soon it was on every night and the first fans were telling people, “I told you it was good.” Or new viewers were asking, “Why didn’t we know about this and why is it not still on.” People loved the stories and action. 471 more words

Star Trek expanded the possibilities for Sci-Fi television.

To continue the Sci-Fi theme for this week; let’s talk about Star Trek shall we? I will be sticking to the original series for this post, although feel free to add you own bits on anything relating to Sci-Fi in the comment section. 445 more words

Science Fiction

Boys in sulus - skirts for men

Fijian boys singing a hymn in church. It is customary for boys and men sit on one side of the church, and girls and women on the other.