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I went out for a friend’s birthday last night and it was fun. We started things off at McGreevey’s and had some drinks. After we did some bowling and 4 person air hockey at King’s. 129 more words


JFK – You Deserve This

Now, when I was sent this EP to review, attached to the email was the comment “Not sure it will be your cup of tea, but will be interesting to see what you think of it”. 385 more words


And if I fall, I'll take it all.... It's so easy after all.

Music/title: Some Say; Sum 41
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“People are evil, disgusting little things. 
It’s no different than watching animals in a zoo. 
Human life and animal life.. 60 more words

Sheepy - Sheepy

Going to have to kick this off with a massive apology to Sheepy as they’re one of the biggest victims of my previous poor time-keeping, I’ve had this CD at home for months and keep forgetting to actually write about it. 242 more words


Black Surf - Are We Getting Closer?

There’s nothing quite like the sensation of a powerful guitar blasting away in your ears. Though plenty have tried to capture a similar effect with other sounds I can’t imagine ever feeling so obsessively in love with guitar bands. 188 more words


Words To Music

So I was trying to find new songs to listen to by Sum 41. And I come across this song called Jessica Kill. While I wait for the song to load, I decided to check out the lyrics. 111 more words

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Retrospective: Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave (2003)

Fall Out Boy – Take This To Your Grave

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Fall Out Boy. I’m one of those people who believe that their early albums are fantastic, with… 774 more words