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How To Get Your Band Noticed

Learn what it takes to get noticed for your music in this interview with Ash Avildsen.

In this video Matt Halpern of Bandhappy interviews Ash of Sumerian Records about what it takes to really make it as a musician. 66 more words

Swimming With Sharks Records

These guys will be doing a song for Florence + The Sphinx too.

They have a more 90s Tool-esque sound to them. I really like the cacaphony of sound around 3:30.

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The last preview of the album that Sumerian has put up.

I like “Dog Days Are Over” too, but this cover is my least favorite of the three. 25 more words

Another one from the Sumerian Ceremonials: Florence + The Sphinx

This is actually one of my favorite Florence + The Machine songs. Not sure if I like Come the Dawn now, or if I just really like this song…

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Wednesday Jams

This is my current jam. It speaks to me on a few levels and I was actually listening to the original, then I heard this and I have to say, this is my kind of genre crossover. 25 more words