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9 things I figured out as a 20-something

Undated Items

  • Excess eating = costs more = more physical activity required to burn it off
  • Confidence is key. You have to look it, you have to sound like it, you have to smell, taste, and feel like it in order to understand it..
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A Summery Tale

This is the part where I come clean (no pun intended) and admit I have yet to successfully complete the Whole30. I might as well not skirt around the topic, fess up, and figure out a way to start back over. 907 more words


Wrath of the Righteous 2, #3: Clawing Out to Kenabres

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17th of Arodus, 4718 AR

Just when I was about to make the final blow, the spider attacked me and I was almost dead, bleeding like crazy. 412 more words


Marketing’s Talent Shortage Troisième Partie, and the Top 12 Marketing Technology Articles Curated Tuesday, 7/22/14

It’s obvious that Marketing needs help executing and managing marketing technology, and it’s not going to be internally done by IT. This is a marketing function, a marketing responsibility, and it needs to be carried out by marketing. 477 more words


7/22/14 (Day 16 of 179)

Very satisfying day – writing for my show, time with my girl, completed workout and home project, ate healthy, filled my last rental, coached well… building momentum, and I’m only sixteen into this! 288 more words


Hola from Buenos Aires!

I made it! And I am honestly happy to say that my arrival was expectedly much different from my arrival to Nicaragua (although my experience there was absolutely incredible). 230 more words