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Classify, identify, deconstruct learning targets

Unit: Living creatures


1.  Know the fundamental characteristics of the living creatures and to identify their principal activities: Knowledge

2. To be aware of the complex structure of living creatures and their constitution: … 513 more words

Unit 2B

Internship Post 10- HOPE Principle P3

P3- Practice Standards-Based Assessment

Standards-based assessments are the new norm in education and fall out of the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). 335 more words


Internship Post 7- HOPE Principle O2

O2- Offer appropriate challenge in the content area

Effective teaching requires differentiating instruction based on student ability and learning modality. Often times emphasis regarding differentiated teaching methods is focused toward lower functioning and special education students. 315 more words


Posting your summative assessment reflections

Phew, what a whirlwind of a unit on summative assessment. You learned about formal and informal summative measures, how to administer norm-referenced tests, what criterion-referenced tests are and appropriate test accommodations, how to critically analyze the quality of a measure using concepts of reliability and validity, how to consider the variety of snapshots summative measures provide in a complete case study, how to use summative tests in formative ways,  how to use the Understanding by Design approach to create a test that measured a variety of processing skills, and briefly touched on standards based grading particularly as it relates to grading on a classroom test. 394 more words

Summative Assessment

So Many Things To Grade, So Little Time..... (Developing Strategic Assessment Practices)

As graduate students, one of the things we really need to get a handle on is student assessment. After all, unless we are elected to an All Soul’s Fellowship or going into the private sector, we will eventually be facing rooms full of undergraduate and (if we are very fortunate) graduate students, all looking to us for assessment of their abilities, which in turn will be data mined by departments, schools, and universities in determining whether or not we receive job offers/continuing contracts/tenure/raises and the like. 4,372 more words