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“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” is the sort of film that will be enjoyed only by people desperate to love the franchise or too young to recognize a piece of truly awful film making.

Sound harsh? Maybe, but it isn’t inaccurate. I knew going in that this was not going to be a “good” movie. It’s hard to do that when it is a film about giant talking turtles who fight crime in New York City. 3,130 more words

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Summer Blockbusters III: "Guardians of the Galaxy" Review

When I first saw the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy somewhere back in springtime, I immediately dismissed it as yet another dumb, bloated, and mind-numbing blockbuster and resolved not to see it. 1,498 more words


Spoil-Free Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

“Well that shit just happened”. Basically those were my thoughts leaving Guardians of Galaxy. I expected greatness when I went to go see Marvel’s newest monster hit, if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have seen it at 9:45 on a Thursday in Imax 3D. 1,470 more words


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This is such a great movie, it is a must see! The acting is great, and it's pretty funny too.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice "Blinks"

Big news on the comic book movie front: May 6, 2016 presented a standoff between Marvel and DC with Marvel putting Captain America 3 in that slot and DC putting Batman v. 277 more words


Fleas! The Movie (?)

A blood thirsty horde has invaded my home, attacking any living thing they can sink their epipharynx in to. The mere thought of how many there are makes my skin crawl . 467 more words

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The Blockbuster No Longer Belongs to Summer

Summer time is a time of beach trips, sleeping late, and big name blockbuster films. Whether it was Jason Bourne, Batman, or an Alien invasion, summer is the time for the epic popcorn flicks. 810 more words

Lucy (2014) movie review

The trailer for Lucy made it look like the action packed hit movie for the summer! With an all-star cast, Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, I had high expectations. 338 more words

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