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Completed Spring Outfit

As often happens, KCW comes but circumstances conspire to keep me from fully participating. I did get to sew at least an hour a day but couldn’t get pictures taken or write about it. 399 more words


Lessons Learned: Spring Cleaning – External/Internal

Now that warmer weather is here (we hope!!), the next few weeks are great for spring-cleaning—both externally and internally.

Yesterday was the first time since last year that we had our doors and windows open. 302 more words

Beth M James

Summer clothing wishlist

Hello muffins, exciting times are ahead. I am officially on summer vacation on May 4th it feels so close yet so far away. I’m so over school and ready for summer but in all honesty I’ve been over school since like 4th grade. 241 more words

Amelia's Latest Purchases

All this lovely weather has got me so excited for summer,although now we live in Ireland,I’m not going to hold my breath on getting nice sunny, warm weather, though it was lovely here last year. 207 more words


1 piece + 0 effort = a spring look home run

Isn’t it nice to finally enjoy a little warm weather and sunshine on your shoulders? Getting dressed for a casual spring day is one of life’s simple pleasures. 85 more words

Get The Look At Minx

10 Summer Baby Clothes Under $10

After this long winter many people have been having in the States, doesn’t it feel nice to see some color? Here are some of my favorite picnic-ready pieces for under $10. 98 more words

men's spring fashion styles

Take a look at these inspirational detail pics of some of the spring outfits out there. Be sure to include lots of patterns in your style choices. 16 more words