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A healthy lifestyle can be fun?

So we all know the pros and the cons on drinking sodas. Mostly the only pro is the taste, if you like that.
Anyway why do you want to drink your calories? 121 more words


Summer Food Swaps

By: Jacqueline Minichiello, MS, RD, LDN
Clinical Nutritionist/WIC Nutritionist
Harbor Health Services, Inc.


Summer is a great time to be outside and share a meal with family and friends! 503 more words

How to prevent weight gain on holiday

When on holiday, it’s so easy to abandon all principles of healthy eating and forget everything we know about moderation. Holidays are definitely a well-deserved time to relax but being too relaxed about what we eat can set us back weeks on weight management plans. 713 more words

Healthy Eating

Good Food Magazine - "summer healthy diet plan"

I love the “BBC GoodFood” magazine and even though I live back in Germany now I have a monthly subscription to it :) In this years July issue they write about a healthy diet plan for the summer which is supposed to make you feel “lighter, brighter, and more energetic in just nine days”. 206 more words


Soothing Summer Foods

According to Ayurveda, as the temperatures rise, the qualities of Pitta dosha (sharp, hot, penetrating) increase in our physiology. One might assume that that our digestive fire (or “agni”) would also become stronger. 473 more words

Diet Tips

► Looking thinner with a scarf

No surprise: many women wish they were thinner! Assuming you are one of them and you really have a few extra pounds, here are two options: 90 more words