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Summer's Remains: Monday

As a teacher, summer isn’t counted as a season but as a vacation. When the last of the seniors are graduated and I’ve stowed everything away until next school year, summer begins; when the calendar indicates it’s time to report back to work, the summer is over. 169 more words


Tenuous Trends

Mrs. Vanguard generally eschews fashion trends as not only a substantial waste of money, but also focus. That isn’t to say I am not immune to following them. 174 more words

Summer Dressing

stress free summer dressing #3: workin' it

Hello, Internet! With my new job fast approaching, I thought I would put together some of the workwear pieces I’ve been lusting after this summer! 244 more words


Things You'll Miss When Summer Ends

Button-up, Zara / Shorts, Club Monaco

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re in the throes of summer. The temperature, hemlines and number of mosquitoes whispering sweet nothings into my ears at night are on the rise. 182 more words


The Art of Summer Dressing (Or not as the case maybe)

Am I good summer dresser? No, I’d say not. This year I literally bought five summer dresses from H&M and have been wearing them non stop. 56 more words


Shorts at the Office: The Long and the Short of It.

About a year ago, I had a meeting at Ralph Lauren’s Midtown Manhattan design studio.  While I munched on a mountain of seemingly untouched peanut M&M’s from a punchbowl in the darkened lobby, a striking employee breezed by wearing silk pajama shorts with sky high heels.  218 more words

Noelle Morgan

Fantasy Summer outfit alert: And why there isn't a floral maxi in sight

Ahhh Summer. You bring with you an array of mood-elevating advantages. But, you have also stricken an unhealthy fear in to my heart ever since I was a teenager and believed, thanks to the likes of… 602 more words