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'Arrow' recap: It's not easy being green

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the April 16 episode of Arrow, stop reading now!

Well, that was an action-packed welcome back to Starling City! 1,275 more words


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[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="350"]English: Summer Glau at WOnderCon 2008 English: Summer Glau at WOnderCon 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] Last night's Arrow had some stunning stunts, great battle sequences, and Summer Glau. Summer Glau is always a plus. (Sorry to get all teenage boy you.) Anyway, this was a great episode but Laurel is the worst! She knows about Ollie and says nothing. Come on, Lance, I've had it with your pious waffling!

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A Quick Take On Knights Of Badassdom

I’d heard a lot of buzz surrounding this film and most of it was due to how long the studio had it sitting on a shelf. 395 more words

'Firefly' recap: Men versus monsters

Editors’ Note: Firefly fans rejoice! The Joss Whedon show was only with us for a year, but it lives on in The EW Community. Check back each week for Nathan Fillion goodness and watch with Brandi McCormick as she recaps the series from the very beginning. 1,235 more words

'Arrow' Spilled Secrets: Scoop on Laurel, Isabel and Thea

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Knights of Badassdom (2014)

I came across this movie by accident, while playing a game I often play when I’m bored – trawling IMDB. After watching a movie or an episode of a TV show I find myself thinking “Oh where did I see this actor before?” This usually results in a very long session of looking up who’s been in which movie – and often leads to me adding yet another item to my “to watch” list. 496 more words