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Summer Goals and Waiting for Fall...

Now, that the summer is coming to end I will like to share this fun post I came across a month ago. Here it is! Sorry I’m so late with this tag. 245 more words


What I Did This Summer

(Well, my first summer as a real person/post-graduate adult is almost rearing to an end. There are still a few weeks left, but I was in need of some cheering up–rest in peace, Robin Williams–so I decided to make this list of the good, fun, productive things that happened this summer. 563 more words


Habits I Wish Were Routine

The past several weeks have been tough as far as getting to bed on time (busy, busy days) and getting decent sleep (neighbors who want the whole building to know how much they are in love).  1,852 more words

Running Posts

Summertime Blues

Haven’t written anything in a while and thought today was a great day to start again and let you all know what’s happening.

Half the summer is past and I feel as though I haven’t really accomplished what I set out to do.   309 more words


Catching Up....

Typically my weekends consist of the three B’s: beaching, brunching, and browsing. This weekend I decided to stay put and enjoy the two R’s–rest and relaxation – and attend to tasks that I have been putting off. 308 more words


Summer Goals

Writer’s Block. Isn’t it great? I have notebook filled with pages of possible post topics. I won’t even get started on the number of pins I have on Pinterest. 659 more words


The Gym

Summer is like New Years. It’s a time where people enthusiastically promise to get their lives together. This summer, I was going to do everything I never have time for: read more, learn a hobby, keep up with current events, grow a garden, and start exercising. 345 more words