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Season 2

Previously, on “The Chronicles of Cheng Laoshi”:

First, I spent three weeks of summer vacation trekking across China’s southwest Yunnan Province, a region famous for its constantly cool temperatures, (often exploited and fetishized) ethnic minorities, and lush scenery. 1,123 more words

Meeting 6: Civics, Immigration and Kimchi Burritos

Professor Eric Liu came to speak with the Summer Institute on a myriad of subjects. Given his extensive knowledge in many areas, the students took advantage and asked him questions on immigration, civic knowledge, income inequality and a host of other subjects. 525 more words

Summer Institute

Putin and Erdoğan: Seeing Double

High school student Janani Rangarajan shares her reactions and analysis of week four’s lesson on Turkey. 

The political trajectories of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey and Vladimir Putin of Russia have several parallels. 849 more words


This One Time...in Retrospect.

There are many events throughout the course of life that bring people together:  birth, death, celebrations, and tragedies.  There are the moments that we snap photos of to help us remember; and, on the other hand, there are the moments that we bury deep in our memories and hope that we’ll find a way to forget. 453 more words


Meeting 4: The Trial of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Spoiler alert: If you do not yet know the results of Turkey’s presidential election, either read this article to catch up or stop reading this post!  312 more words

Summer Institute

Doubling the Power of the Reflective Seminar: The Liaison/Leader Duo

Author: Tim Coukart

     Summer Institute at St. Xavier was a massive shift from DePaul Summer Institute. While obvious changes would be the location of the campus as well as the on-site locations, different classes, new dorm-style, more gourmet food, and less surrounding entertainment, the biggest change would have to be in the way that the reflective seminars ran this year: we had essentially two reflective leaders instead of one, liaison and leader worked hand in hand to help us on our journey through second summer. 264 more words

Summer Institute

Looking Back on Summer Institute 2014

Focused Fitness would like to thank all the participants and presenters for another incredible Summer Institute. Here are some of the pictures of quality physical educators getting better!