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Meeting 3: A Modern Education

The United States is famous throughout the world for its higher education; names like Yale, Harvard, Cal and MIT are recognized from Algeria to Zambia. Yet, how does a country with such powerhouse universities score so middle of the road in primary schooling?  637 more words


Three Times Tighter

Author: Olivia Guerrero

Third summer at SIUE was a new experience for myself and many other scholars. I was very weary of this experience because I had never been outside of a big city. 338 more words

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Honeymoon Over

Author: Anais DeJesus

Now that I’ve completed my second summer institute, I realized that my first summer was definitely the honeymoon phase. Everyone at Golden Apple seemed so positive, quirky, passionate, and outgoing. 271 more words

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Friends, Mentors, Teachers

Author: Jamal Murphy

My summer at St. Xavier was remarkable. Coming in to this summer I was mad that we were not going back to DePaul. 468 more words

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Meeting 2: Hello from the Philippines!

How many communities do you belong to and how would you describe them? What words come to your mind? Close? Nurturing? Intellectual? Welcoming? Stressful? This was the challenge posed to Summer Institute participants in preparation for our video conference with the Philippines. 390 more words

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The Adobe Conference

Apologies to our followers. While Sue was away at the Adobe Education Leaders Conference there was no time for writing the blog. From the time the AEL’s arrived on Saturday to the time they left on Wednesday, pretty much every moment was scheduled with events to either provide professional learning, opportunities for sharing strategies, stories, and challenges, or social activities to bring us all closer as a community. 327 more words

Let the Games Begin!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Well here I am sitting under my mosquito net that is wrapped around my simple, sturdy mattress, aka a wooden plank. Because the electricity in the dorms has already been shut off like it does every night at 11:30, I am using the headlamp that my father insisted I bring to China even though I tried to tell him that I wouldn’t need it. 1,080 more words