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When a teenager actually works hard: exercise, budget plans, and a new MacBook.

I won’t know the feeling of accomplishing something huge, or something that took months of work, or something that meant the world to someone else, unless I start working hard for something now. 499 more words

Summer Jobs! And Lemon Squeezing…..

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all been well since the last time I’ve posted. Now in this blog, I want to talk about a big part of college summers- summer jobs. 314 more words


Summer Jobs Students on the Bench at the SJC

The BBA Summer Jobs students continued their summer adventures with a stop at the Adams Courthouse for VIP tour and crash course on the history of the Massachusetts legal system. 113 more words

Boston Public Schools

Working his butt off just to go and work his butt off

Life is funny isn’t it? As kids we dream of growing up and being all the great things out there that this world has to offer, then once adulthood is here, we wish that we were kids again. 257 more words


Summer Jobs Key to Addressing Unemployment Crisis Among Young Minorities

Our dedicated readers may remember this recent post about inequalities in the current summer jobs market for teens. If you’re interested in learning more the unemployment among minorities under the age of 25, … 197 more words

Summer Jobs Program

I Need A Job

(you know you’re nuts when you try to spend your longest ever summer holiday working)

The problem with studying English is that it doesn’t logically lead into a career – medics become doctors, economists become bankers etc – and so looking for a part-time summer job as a potential English student is a bit tricky; ideally, I’d like to write novels, but authoring isn’t really something you can do an internship in  (I’m hardly going to follow a writer around their house as they type silently onto a computer, and gain anything from it, am I?). 554 more words

I Suck

Looking the Part: Internship Attire

Hello, World. 

As you know, I’m currently doing an internship at a law office in my hometown. Something I realized when I got the internship is that it meant I would need to wear business casual four days a week. 686 more words