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Looking the Part: Internship Attire

Hello, World. 

As you know, I’m currently doing an internship at a law office in my hometown. Something I realized when I got the internship is that it meant I would need to wear business casual four days a week. 686 more words


FOMO? Fo’ Sho!

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a common occurrence during the summer holidays when everyone has the “Craic Rash” and thinks that everyone else but themselves is having a magical time. 743 more words


I may be one of the lucky ones but that doesn't mean everything's perfect

This summer I am not working in my field. I’m not doing anything remotely related to politics, and I’m not doing it in the city that I’ve chosen to make my home. 485 more words

A Good Coach

I coached my friendly neighborhood swim team this summer. Being a coach made me think back to some of my favorite coaches, and my not so favorite coaches growing up. 951 more words


Working Hard or Hardly Working?

My oldest came home from her first year at college at the end of April and after laying in bed for the first couple of days, lamenting that she was back in cow town instead of the chic city of Montreal, my husband and I made her get up and look for a job. 459 more words


A Case FOR Facebook

Any of my true friends can tell you one thing about me: I do not have a Facebook. From both friends and random people alike, this declaration has been met with a variety of reactions: surprise being the first, followed closely by admiration. 602 more words

From Jumaane

Not Your Standard Summer Job – Students Get Crash Course on Credit & Budgeting

Our loyal Beyond the Billable readers are well aware of the plethora of long-term benefits of offering Boston public high school students professional experience. The short-term benefit (and a major plus for the students) is, of course, the opportunity to earn a paycheck. 337 more words