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Summer Playlist ☼

Summer is an interesting time of the year. It’s a time to make new friendships, get a job or internship, let romance bloom, go camping, and just ultimately have a good time. 996 more words

Summer songs

I often troll the music charts of different countries throughout various seasons just to see what is hot in other countries. While the great majority of many countries are infected with the mainstreams sounds of the shite from major “artists” here in the States, I do often find some hidden gems. 314 more words

Happy Summer Playlist

I’ve been listening to these songs non-stop and couldn’t wait to post them all before the playlist was up. They’ll be carrying me through the last couple weeks of summer. 18 more words

Booty Shaking


Now that summer is winding down, a last little trip is needed! But you can’t have a car trip without amazing music! Here’s ten songs that are definite haves on your road trip playlist! 72 more words


My Summer Playlist

Hello Muffins,
I have said before that summer is not my most favorite season, I won’t say I hate it but it has it’s positives and negatives, more negatives than positives in my own personal opinion. 193 more words


Summer Run Playlist

So I thought this would be a fun little mid-week post.  I really love music, and for a majority of my runs I do listen to music, unless I am running with someone I can chit chat with. 411 more words


My Summer Playlist

Music is a big part of my life. I love creating playlists based on the mood that I’m in, genres, seasons etc. I thought I would share my summer playlist with all of you guys. 211 more words