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The Sound Of Summer

Here’s a playlist that I’ve listened to throughout the summer so far. My music taste is fairly diverse and I’m so ADHD (not kidding I really am) so I never listen to anything longer than a minute. 31 more words


Amani's Summer Playlist

By Amani Bouri

This week the sun has been out! (yay) and with music festivals nearly every weekend I decided to compile my own playlist of my favourite covers and happy summer songs that get you dancing, apologies if some are a bit old but the classics never go out of fashion… Enjoy. 139 more words


Visions by Paper Days

Happy Music Monday! Today’s featured song is from one of my favorite local bands, Paper Days. This dream rock quartet just released their first EP “Playground Dreams” last week and it’s a perfect addition to any summer playlist. 20 more words


The ultimate summer 2k14 throwback playlist

Preparing for a two hour car ride, I decided to make a throwback playlist from the glory years of middle school. I loved it so much I had to share. 153 more words


Songs for the Summer!

So we gathered a list of our favs to get you through the summer. Whether it’s sitting by the pool or heading on your next road trip, we’ve got you covered with some songs to start you up and get you through! 23 more words

9 Songs For Your Summer Playlist

The north of England is currently melting away thanks to one of the warmest summers the country has seen in recent years.

This means the sun loungers are out, the barbecues have been dusted off and the latest #MARBELLAHITS CD has been repeating itself for the past four hours. 438 more words


TTTV Summer Playlist: 2014 Edition!

It’s mid-July and the summer be bumpin’! Well, sorta… here in LA our June gloom has been prolonged into July gray-sky (totes a thing?), but that’s alright because everyone’s still determined to have a BBQ, anyway. 402 more words