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In Harmony

They are even in hanrmony with the rocks. It was nice to experience that moment. It was not a snapshot because they staid walking in such a way with each other. 7 more words


More fungus or Later Mater

Bad news for us and any tomato lovers out there…well, at least it is a set back. We have blight forming. At least on two out of the 9 varieties planted. 65 more words



Summer has come of age and does not look, smell or feel as fresh as late spring in early June. August might feel more “thirtysomething” if the Romans hadn’t decided to switch over the calendar because it was originally called Sextilis. 446 more words

Sea Sighs

Summer Anime Mid-Season Review!

Hi everyone! We’re a month into the summer anime season this year and while I’m not following all the series that are airing, I do feel that the ones I am watching are pretty solid and high quality stuff that I’d like to recommend to y’all. 1,281 more words

2014 Anime

Guardians of the Box Office


Marvel’s newest superheroes, The Guardians of the Galaxy, have saved more than just the universe—they’ve saved the summer.


On paper, the summer of 2014 looked to be one of the most lucrative seasons in recent memory. 1,000 more words

Little Shop of Horrors (Aberystwyth Arts Centre Production).

Written: 8th August 2013.

As a major fan of Little Shop of Horrors, I will summarize its history before reviewing Aberystwyth Arts Centre’s 2013 summer season adaptation. 1,213 more words