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The Cost of FOMO

A couple of days ago I was hanging out with a friend. It started to rain (of course it did). Despite Mother Nature deciding to take a piss at a most inconvenient time, my friend insisted that we go for a walk in her opinion of what is “the nicest park in Reading.” If you know me, you’ll know that precipitation and I do not mix. 1,180 more words

I left a part of me in Iceland!

I find it rather difficult to summarize my first encounter with Iceland. How come I went to Iceland? Simple. I just woke up one morning, and before I rolled out of bed I checked my Facebook (do not judge me, everyone is checking Facebook or Twitter or something along those lines), and I read something about the summer solstice. 755 more words

"365 Tarot Spreads"

It has been a long time since I have written a Tarot-themed blog post, and I felt that this would be a perfect time for me to do so. 807 more words


john the baptist and his cousin jesus.....and the summer and winter solstice

in this blog hopefully we will understand why jesus and his cousin john the baptist are born 6 months apart….and why john says

“that one must go on increasing and I will go on decreasing!” 1,673 more words

Come Thou Sun

Giants sleep beneath the hills

The forest trees are watchful still

O, come thou, blessed god on high

Bless with golden light the sky.


Awake us men, awake the land… 141 more words


Ysyakh II - Sunrise Ceremony - 28 June 2014

This was the main Ysyakh celebration for the city of Yakutsk, and it takes place in a huge open space outside of town. Some of the big companies have their own areas set aside for their employees, and there are also big common areas where individual families and groups of friends set up their own tents. 217 more words

Lughnasadh: Honoring the Harvest Through Grief and Gratitude by Alison Leigh Lilly

“Lughnasadh is not only a time to celebrate the bright strength and impressive skill of successful work, but to embrace the darker side of work: the fear that all that we are working for will ultimately fail us; the fear that our work will not be enough to overcome scarcity, insecurity and injustice; the fear that the products of our work will be consumed thoughtlessly or mindlessly wasted, that we ourselves will be utterly used up, driven to the point of exhaustion, left at last to be forgotten when we are no longer considered “productive” members of society. 360 more words