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Sunsets, Traffic and Humidity

You know when you leave your car in the hot sun for too long then you open the door of the car and suddenly a wave of humidity escapes from it like gas escaping a pressured bottle? 168 more words


Summer at Stone Lake

Every summer, the second week of August was reserved for our family vacation in a tiny yellow cottage we rented on Stone Lake.  My father cleared his schedule and the only thing that could draw him away would be one of his patients going into labor.   931 more words

Maz Dixon...

Yes, it is January and I’m dreaming of summer vacation.  I am so ready to hang up the winter coats, and dig out the beachwear! 82 more words

Why Teachers Deserve Their Summers Off

I was trapped in the chair at the dentist’s office, with the flattering spittle blocking glasses on and a glorified grown-up bib strapped to my chest having my teeth cleaned. 1,359 more words


The day we were carnivores

Here are the inexcusable excuses I’m using to cover up for not posting in so long: Thanksgiving, Christmas Shopping,  Christmas Time,  Boxing Day recovery, Pre New Years Plans, New Years, Post New Years resolution creation, post resolution disappointment.   344 more words