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"you can have it all but how much do you want it"

I was going to start this blog off with a quote, unfortunately I am not able to pull out inspirational words from literary sources from out of my ass. 161 more words


I have plenty of time in my hands but have nothing to blog about. I just waste every single day of my summer vacation rotting in front of the computer. Geez.


Sexy, Sea salt, Scrumcious hair?

It’s almost summer! And it is high time we get our rituals sorted. Don’t live by the beach, but crave that gorgeous surfer look? Use this home made sea salt spray makes you look hotter than a lifeguard ;) 117 more words

semana santa series: counting backward

winter is arrested

the deadly games are on hold

we celebrate

for a day

the possibilities of redemption

we are hopeful once more

after long being under the black… 41 more words


Summer 2014 Hair Preview

We here at Pelo Hair Los Angeles are always delivering the information on up and coming hair trends. Effectively, we just received major scoop on the hair trends for summer 2014. 27 more words

April 18th poem: to cups of barley tea

The hold of a warm cup of barley tea in my hands

Still turns my head to warm primary school
- and later, summer – afternoons… 52 more words