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Child-Centred Hippy Prison

Neill started writing before the Russian Revolution. ¬†Froebel started teaching a century before. ¬†So listen to Froebel and decide for yourself whether child-centred teaching can really be called “hippy”: 636 more words


Live Your Own Life

“The function of the child is to live his own life- not the life that his anxious parents think he should live, nor a life according to the purpose of the educator who thinks he knows best.” 337 more words


An Englishman in a Complicated American Life

A Note to My Readers: In furthering my knowledge of my paternal 2nd great grandfather, David Penird (1830-1901), a London born Englishman who migrated to the United States around 1850 and settled in Cayuga County, New York, I began to look at where he spent a good deal of his energy and time. 2,390 more words

Anti-life Buggers

“The yardstick I employ is life: how men stand in relation to life… For what distinguishes the men I have in mind is that they did not impose their authority on man; on the contrary, they sought to destroy authority. 591 more words


Eat Up and Play All Day

Henry Caldwell Cook and The Play Way.

I love play. I love playing around myself and I like to be with people who have a playful attitude to life. 749 more words


May I have your permission to be permissive?

“It’s a school for rich losers.”
“You can’t just do what you want.”
“As a kid deferred gratification isn’t really a thing, without any direction you just do whatever is most fun at the time, which usually is not very productive.” 730 more words


GF Macarons at Petite & Sweet Bakery- Summerhill

We hit up Petite & Sweet on a beautiful, sunshiney day in Toronto.

For a brief period of time, the food network ran a show on Petite & Sweet, which I watched and loved. 107 more words