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The Week in Music: 22nd - 28th

Here we go with the second Week in Music post. Being much more organised then in the first week of these, we’ve actually managed to get you a music pick every day! 679 more words

New Music Picks

Goodbye, Summer

Summer is finally coming to a close, as much as I hate to admit it. Unfortunately, I deleted all the photos I had on my phone a few weeks ago, but thank goodness I uploaded some important ones to Instagram. 194 more words

Day 102

Giornatona oggi!  -.-‘

Thelma ha passato la mattinata fuori a piccioneggiare, e vabé. Louise invece ha lavorato per l’italian boss fino a dopo pranzo. Certo il fotografo di matrimoni. 353 more words

Lana Del Ray - Summertime Sadness (Hotel Garuda Remix)

It takes a lot to change a musical opinion, especially when this opinion has been in force for a couple of years. But Hotel Garuda have managed it with their remix of Lana Del Ray classic… 81 more words

New Music Picks

Web Junk: German Shepherd Does Not Want To Get Out Of The Water

This German shepherd throws an adorable fit when her Mom tells her it’s time to get out of the water. We don’t want to get out of the water Mom!!! 14 more words


French Manicures and Summertime Sadness Remixes: So passé that they're in?

I know, “Summertime Sadness” madness is way past its prime, but maybe it isn’t. Yesterday, I heard two women describe french manicures as “so passé that they are in”, so maybe EDM works like that too? 90 more words

Sunsets And The Case Of Summertime Sadness

It’s been an interesting journey the recent few weeks. As you might have noticed, I did not post last week because I suddenly came down with Pneumonia. 413 more words