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phony summer vol.1

I feel the need to write something too

My Facebook feed is bouncing from drowning me with all the sad stories of the world to bathing me with sunlight. 169 more words


Let Me Take A Moment

I can confidently say that I’ve achieved at least part of my summer goal to reinvent myself. I think that, at the very least, I have put myself out there in ways I was too frightened to do before, I’m suddenly more confident and somewhat daring (or I hope that I am), Whatever path it is that I seem to be taking right now, is working. 53 more words


TTTV Summer Playlist: 2014 Edition!

It’s mid-July and the summer be bumpin’! Well, sorta… here in LA our June gloom has been prolonged into July gray-sky (totes a thing?), but that’s alright because everyone’s still determined to have a BBQ, anyway. 402 more words


Stupid Little Girl

Sometimes I can’t help but feel like a ‘stupid little girl’ when the heart is involved. I stay-up waiting for that next text message. I day dream all day about the next time I’ll see the person I’m starting to fall for and I hope with all the little flickers of love that I’m so desperately trying to deny because I think it’s “too soon.” Yet, at the same time I don’t want to play it safe. 124 more words

Summer Holidays

Choking on a heat so hot it engulfs you like an all-too persistent lover,
Shit stains the streets attracting ants that grow fat from the filth. 80 more words

Looking for Lana

By the time I arrived in Barcelona for my semester abroad winter of my junior year, I was hooked on Lana Del Rey. As I played her songs on 8tracks from my stark European bedroom, the space became the hangout spot for me and my roommates. 348 more words

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