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Hello! As I near the final stretches of my thesis submission (seriously, I have a finished thesis, with committee approval, and now I’m waiting on copyright release papers… it’s always something), I’ve been busy as ever! 840 more words

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Are We Being Scared Sunless?

Since we’re in the midst of summer, have you found yourself gasping when you realize that the sun is shining on your ‘un-sunscreened’ arms and legs? 1,066 more words


Sun Skincare Myths!

I just spied this lovely and well thought-out article at futurederm.com regarding “The 5 Biggest Summer Skin Care Myths” and I felt I should share it here… Worth checking out! 112 more words

Sun Exposure

Sun: Friend or Foe?

There has been so much debate on whether the sun is actually harmful or beneficial for you as of late. Every time I look on social media sites I see people posting articles from both ends of the spectrum, some saying that sun exposure causes cancers like melanoma and others saying that sunscreens cause cancers and should be avoided. 593 more words


DSAP, ah crap.

my newest fashion look?  i don’t think so!

i’ve been diagnosed with DSAP – Disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis.  it appears mainly in people of European descent and is an inherited, sun induced skin condition that appears in half the children of an affected parent.   352 more words

Sun & Skin: The Dark Side Of Sun Exposure

People enjoy the sun. Some have even worshiped it. Sunlight is essential to many living things. But sunlight also has a dangerous side. It can harm your skin and even your eyes. 1,162 more words

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9 ways to protect your skin from that Fourth of July heat

Your skin is your primary defense when it comes to maintaining internal health, but we often take it for granted and forget it needs nourishment, too. 604 more words