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Good Luck!

Libby Hakim, in her Sun-Herald article entitled, ‘Works like a Charm’ says: ‘While relying on a  lucky charm for a little extra help in this day and age may seem irrational and somewhat quaint, modern research suggests the idea is not as silly as it sounds.’ 296 more words


World Cup first quarter-final: NEW ZEALAND 40 SCOTLAND 4 at Headingley

SCOTLAND deliberately maximised the embarassment of rugby league officials by announcing as the most important game in their history kicked off that their funding had been completely withdrawn. 502 more words

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Energy Vampires

Energy vampires suck you dry and leave you exhausted.  And they’re real: according to Sun-Herald writer Emily Morgan, being in the company of such people ‘leaves you feeling emotionally drained, and the prospect of spending more time with them brings on a feeling of dread.’ 259 more words


Less Stuff - More Happiness

Libby Hakim, in her Sun-Herald article entitled, ‘Less Stuff – More Happiness’ quoted the psychologist Aleks George who says that ‘being surrounded by too many things can make us feel overwhelmed’. 169 more words


Get What You Give

Stephanie Dowrick, in her Sun-Herald article entitled, ‘You Get What You Give’ says ‘choosing to be generous will make this festive season even more joyous.’ Christmas is the time of year when almost everyone’s mind turns to giving. 220 more words