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As the Saying Goes...


We’ve all heard the saying “As one door closes, another opens.” This saying goes perfectly with that has recently happened in my life. 

It is unfortunate but I will no longer be studying abroad in Spain next January. 265 more words

Halo around sun creates buzz

A halo around the sun created a buzz Wednesday in Central Florida, prompting several Local 6 viewers to ask what was causing the ring.

The ring is technically called a 22-degree sun halo, and it forms as sunlight is refracted in ice crystals in high clouds, according to the National Weather Service. 55 more words

US News

Soft Sunset.

Location: London

Date: March, 2014


Sun Cat

The beginnings of summer.


Indubitable Sun

Feels like an indubitable sun,

A state of helplessness by virtue of being here,

Fully exposed and on fire,

There is nothing but your light, 52 more words



drive to school this morning.

daddy:  oh no, here comes the sun!!! if we were vampires, we’d all be dead!

9yo’s response:  i’ve been working on my chicken impression.   7 more words