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The Shadow

Startled, I opened my eyes and gazed up at the outline of a man between the sun.and me. When I jumped up, reaching for my dress to try to cover my nakedness, the man spoke to me gently.  337 more words


Sunny day

My friends and I went swimming today. The water wasn’t cold, which is great. We swam for an hour, then we sat next to the water, we were sunbathing, and suddenly we saw a little snake coming to us. 16 more words

How To Soothe Your Skin After Sunburn

Last time I posted an article about how to protect yourself against the sun. I talked amongst others about the risks of sunburn and ways to protect yourself from burning. 262 more words


A better alternative to sunbathing

MASON CITY, Iowa – You have a few options of what to do with your money when you want a healthy looking glow. One alternative to UV rays from the sun and tanning beds that’s growing in popularity is sunless tanning. 101 more words



It’s seriously hot today at least 32 degrees . So we are enjoying this beautiful day In the park.


Can sunshine be as addictive as heroin?

 If recent media reports are to be believed, then sunshine can be “as addictive as heroin.” Although the study on which the reports were based was carried out on mice, the claims were surprising as sunlight does not typically fall into the list of common addictions such as cigarettes or alcohol. 1,517 more words