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3 Reasons to Ditch the Old-Fashioned Racist Country Clubs in New Orleans and Join This One

Location, location, location. I was asked by some rather “Southern” guests about the “Country Clubs” in New Orleans. So I took them to this one. Sure New Orleans has the racist, exclusionary kind: you know, pasty white people with a passel of children where the only “blacks” around are the servants? 122 more words

Happy Easter Everyone!

M. sunbathing on a beautiful Easter Sunday on our back patio. Topless. Why? Because she can.


Roof Shed, 2010

Acrylic on board, 13x21cm, 2010



Woooho Easter is here! Not like I would care but I’m off from work so…it’s awsome! :P
The weather is nice too so I’m thinking about traveling with one friend of mine to his sommarplace. 83 more words


No Clouds and Kitchen Crocodiles

The weather has been quite nice of late, we’ve had clear skies without any traces of clouds so of course I’ve been taking advantage of the chance to do a little sunbathing to get the winter white flesh a healthier colour. 398 more words