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Here Comes the Sun

What do Hermit crabs, Veiled chameleons, Mexican red-kneed tarantulas, and Amazon Milk frogs have in common? They all “molt” or shed their skin. Most scientists agree that humans really don’t “molt” however we do lose and regrow hair and we do shed the outer cells of our skin on a regular basis.   750 more words

A Month Already?

I guess this is something I ought to get used to.

Everything today was tinged bittersweet. It was Giorgia’s last day at Eclipse, which means that tomorrow morning we have the…

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Sunburn and God's Plan

As the red hair, pale skinned person that I am, I have battled with sunburn my entire life. I solidly spend 30 minutes in the sun and I get pretty fried unless I have sunscreen on. 386 more words



I’m old enough, and my memory good enough to recall a great deal of detail growing up in Newark, NJ during the 1950s and 60s. With these memories in mind, I study the world around me and have to chuckle. 623 more words

Walt Trizna

Song of the Day

“Sunburn” expresses how the most simple instrumentation can relay so much emotion. With only a rhythm guitar and emotional words, Ed Sheeran sings about missing one you love.


Fake Bake Sol Survivor SPF 30 Spray

New Fake Bake SOL Survivor SPF-30 Spray with Anti-Oxidants. Fake Bake has created a special sun block to use over Fake Bake self-tanning products with a combination of sunscreens plus Green Tea, a powerful anti-oxidant. 16 more words