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Sunday Excursions!!

Normal people, ok maybe not normal, but most people have Sundays off. But if you are like me and you work in the service industry then Sundays off are a treat! 345 more words


Baker Street Café Knows How to Satisfy

Restaurant: Baker Street Café
Location: 385 Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario K2A 0E7

Back in time: September 7th, 2014

Not too long ago, my girlfriends and I decided to go back to Gatineau/Ottawa for a happy Sunday Funday… 454 more words



After trying on a bunch of Halloween Costumes at the Forplay Pop Up Shop, we needed another drink and snack.


Why Sex is Important

There has been quite a bit of commentary about the state of the female character in entertainment as of late. In evolutionary terms, many female characters, especially… 971 more words

Sunday Funday

It's a Brand New Week...

So I was planning to do a post on Wednesday, but I just couldn’t wait, why not?

Because I LOVE Mondays.

So many people HATE… 401 more words

Sunday Funday: Week in Review [16]

Sunday Funday is a weekly(ish) post I’ve started to recap the bookish (and sometimes not-so-bookish) happenings in my life the past week! Feel free to participate, just link back! 314 more words

Weekly Features/Memes

Daily Post: Long Weekend: Day 3 of 3

So it’s my last day off…. What did I do?

I spent an hour or so trying to beat the first chapter of “Evil Within” while Hubby was at the gym… He said that he was gonna return it cause he couldn’t get past this one spot… So… I took the challenge and actually tried my hardest to beat it… I got all the way to where he couldn’t beat and… He came home and we beat it together… with him as my “Jarvis”!! 75 more words

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