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You're Insecure, But That's No Excuse

I haven’t forgotten about the 30 day blogging challenge.  I was just waiting for another Sunday Lists post to share the next topic.

This week’s list: 3 Things I Like About My Personality… 194 more words

You Will Be Dispensed With When You've Become Inconvenient

I’m going to modify a 30 day blogging challenge topic for today’s Sunday Lists post.  The topic originally just asked bloggers to name one thing, but I’ll be naming three today. 285 more words

Words You Say Never Seem To Live Up To The Ones Inside Your Head

I’ve always liked quotes.  That’s probably a strange thing to like, but I always appreciated that no matter what you’re dealing with, how you’re feeling, or what you want to say, there’s a quote for that. 554 more words