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Brunch: The narcoleptic owl's social salvation

I have a tendency to suddenly fall asleep if I’m at all tired. I could be anywhere and doing anything; location or action is not a deterrent. 306 more words


Morning Coffee 2014-11-23

Yes, I use that year, month, day thing…………………………………….

I do up the freshly ground on Sunday Morning…………….Just because it is $7.00 a pound at Winco Foods in Lancaster. 40 more words


i'm moving my blog!

it’s sunday morning + i have no idea what i’ve gotten myself into! i’ve set up my own space on the internet for self hosting and i think my new web hosting company is in the process of transferring my wordpress.com blog ( this blog you are on right now! 184 more words


AM High School 11.16.2014

Revelation 9: Locusts and Fiery Riders

“It is already dark outside, and the wind is getting stronger. You are getting up to close the curtains when all the lights go out: a power failure. 307 more words

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Who is This: Jesus is the Giver of Grace - Mark 5:1-20 (Grace)

This Sunday was the story of Jesus healing a man with a demon.  This story is an incredible story of grace, and our response upon receiving this gift from God!   459 more words

Sunday Mornings

AM High School 11.09.2014

Revelation 8: The Golden Censer and the First Plagues

“Bernard Levin was one of the greatest London journalists of the last generation. One of his many great loves was music. 294 more words

Student Happenings

AM Middle School 11.09.2014

Mark 6.30-44: Life of Jesus, More Miracles

This past Sunday morning, our middle school class talked about the different kinds of miracles Jesus performed. We examined, specifically, the feeding of the 5,000, found in Mark chapter 6. 251 more words

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