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The "solution"

Distractions in prayer drive some people crazy.

I simply decided years ago that I would make my distractions part of my prayer and I refuse to get annoyed by my flighty brain.  18 more words


The Application of Senses

Leave your house and make your way to the park.
Notice your impressions.

What senses are engaged: sight, scent, hearing?
Do you notice movement or stillness? 250 more words


"We need a bit more control."

The Eight Sentences:


Dahl returned his crystal tumbler to its coaster on the drop leaf table.

His hand moved with the precision of an artist painting eyebrows one hair at a time. 159 more words

Life is but an instant

“My life is but an instant, an hour that passes by;
To love you, my dearest God, I only have today.”

Our Thanksgiving Prayer

I am grateful to be alive, Lord. 60 more words


Waiting In Between Times

What do you do when you are in you’re in between times waiting to get the treatment that you can walk again?

Jim Kaszynski “THE IDEA MAN’ 127 more words


Thanksgiving on nature.

“I have noticed in all the serious circumstances of my life that nature always reflected the image of my soul. On days filled with tears the heavens cried along with me; on days of joy the sun sent forth its joyful rays in profusion, and the blue skies were not obscured by a single cloud.” 72 more words


Wicked Game} Short Story

Mark stood there, face drawn in shock, his large brown eyes staring straight ahead. The barrel of the gun stared at him like a giant eye. 1,145 more words

Sunday Snippet