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Have a fine day.

There is an art of keeping quiet and say nothing.
Being Sunday, I take extra attention on being silent.
Have a fine Sunday, everyone.

Source: Harold’s Planet


Sitting, Waiting, Listening

Prayer is largely just being silent: holding the tension instead of even talking it through, offering the moment instead of fixing it by words and ideas, loving reality as it is instead of understanding it fully. 109 more words


Solace at the most unusual place

Forest lawn is a beautiful place to be alone. It has a manicured lawn, grass is so green, mountain view, flowering gardens along the path, fish pond stock with carps and turtles, boulders where one can rest and very serene. 176 more words

Sunday Snippet: The Dangerous Gift - Jane Hunt

The Dangerous Gift

‘The Dangerous Gift -
Chilling Suspense, Forbidden Love, Murder, Mystery and  Passionate Reunion.’

‘Jennie Taylor receives an unexpected gift; shares in the Unicorn ranch where she grew up. 212 more words

Writing Journey

Waking from a dream.

In March in 1958, the famous Christian monk Thomas Merton suddenly awakened. He recorded it this way in his journal:

“Yesterday, in Louisville, at the corner of 4th and Walnut, suddenly realized that I loved all the people and that none of them were, or, could be totally alien to me. 146 more words

Sunday Snippet

The "solution"

Distractions in prayer drive some people crazy.

I simply decided years ago that I would make my distractions part of my prayer and I refuse to get annoyed by my flighty brain.  18 more words

Sunday Snippet

The Application of Senses

Leave your house and make your way to the park.
Notice your impressions.

What senses are engaged: sight, scent, hearing?
Do you notice movement or stillness? 250 more words